See, Hear, Feel, and Experience Operations in Real Time

The Wi-Tronix IoT platform integrates comprehensive data acquisition with Artificial Intelligence, Video Analytics, and Machine Learning to deliver pragmatic, functional solutions designed specifically for rail, enabling operators to take immediate action, as well as develop long-term strategies for safety, efficiency and reliability.

User Solutions
Insightful solutions enable improved safety, reliability and performance.
Works With
Our IoT platform enables partners to create innovative solutions for the rail industry.
IoT Connectivity
Intelligent and secure communications provide dynamic coverage to stay connected to your assets.
Cloud Services
Secure cloud storage is combined with data fusion and analytics, and scaled to fit your needs.
Software as a Service
Ongoing remote delivery of new features and enhancements.
Data Integration
Simplify and optimize by integrating all of your data via a single, comprehensive platform.
Edge Processing
Sophisticated onboard processing enables real-time decision making.
Connected Event Recorder
Real-time streaming of Event Recorder data is efficiently synced to the cloud, eliminating downloads.
Virtual Ride Along
See operations live with 360° video viewed from anywhere via web browser.
Location Services
Asset locations mapped to your rail infrastructure.

Respond Immediately

Our smart remote monitoring capabilities, including event recorders and visual intelligence solutions enable immediate response to incidents. With constant availability of consumable data at your fingertips, you have everything you need to make the best decisions at a moment’s notice. Significantly reduce response time, damages, and costs more efficiently than ever before possible.

Analyze & Understand

Wi-Tronix lets you see, hear, feel, and experience and understand what is happening on your locomotives. Robust industry-leading data integration allows you to automatically detect and normalize fleet-agnostic data from all sensors, devices, and third party apps. Visual intelligence and live location updates empower you to take real-time action from any location, providing safer locomotive management.

Predict & Prevent

Our advanced analytics solutions utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide early identification and notification of equipment health or performance issues. With reliable diagnostic insights, we keep you informed about fleet health to increase safety while dramatically reducing maintenance costs and avoiding catastrophic failures.

Smarter Support for Your Rail Needs

Wi-Tronix provides comprehensive locomotive management solutions designed specifically for rail. Our team of highly-skilled innovators are experts in the industry. As an end-to-end service provider, we develop advanced technologies that deliver valuable data and insights, empowering you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Safety, Risk & Compliance

Stay connected in real-time to alerts, sensor data, location information and video intelligence that provides insights about the safety of your trains, crew, and track. In the event that an incident occurs, you have the information needed to take immediate action, promote safety, and make the best decisions.

Fuel & Energy

We use Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to improve the accuracy of refuel events, detect fuel drop, and eliminate errors in locating sensors. With a comprehensive picture of fuel consumption and asset health, Wi-Tronix has helped customers increase efficiency and decrease fuel-related costs by as much as 10%.

Operations Support

Our extensive features offer support via train integration, operator assist, in-cab alerts, and realtime crew performance monitoring help to reduce risky behaviors. With B2B integration and real-time data about your assets and customers, you’ll have all the information you need to operate your  locomotives more safely, efficiently, and reliably.

Maintenance Support

We keep you in-the-know about your asset health, minimize service disruptions or downtime, and prevent failures entirely. Advanced analytics and predictive diagnostic tools bring you specific insights and repair recommendations to increase safety, reliability, and significantly cut costs.

Maintenance of Way

Stay connected to critical railroad infrastructure updates via third-party data integration, video intelligence, and real-time monitoring. Visual data collection and milepost identification allows you to respond to changes or take action in real time as issues arise, and before they create delays.

Passenger Services

Improve your passenger experience with train health monitoring, crew performance monitoring, operations support, virtual in-cab ride-along, and real-time alerts. We help you reduce downtime and delays, lower costs, and prevent passenger inconvenience.








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