Freight rail

Reliable, integrated information about your entire freight fleet

Wi-Tronix’s combined event recorder and IoT software platform enables you to make quick, informed decisions that save money and promote safety.

Collage of fuel efficiency data screens

Fuel management systems proven to reduce fuel spend and consumption

Our patented technology adjusts fuel reports for track grades, pitch, and locomotive roll. Combined with alerts about excess idling and fuel inventory, Wi-Tronix can save your railroad at least 5-10% annually on fuel.

Powerful evidence for easier, faster incident investigations

Fuse event recorder and subsystem data with weather and geospatial context to understand not only what happened, but also why it happened.

Real-time data for today, historical data for tomorrow

Time-synchronized video, event recorder, and subsystem data is securely preserved in the cloud. Download it now for immediate actions, or analyze it over time for forward-looking savings.

A centralized view for your entire fleet

Camera view of the rail ahead

Access video and data from anywhere

View and download video, audio, and data from any location in the world.

Shipping containers over water rail

Asset position tracking

Find the exact position of your locomotive, down to the milemarker.

Aerial view of idle trains and rail tracks converging

Normalize data across manufacturers

The Violet platform automatically creates a common data set from all original equipment manufacturers for fast analysis.

An integrated IoT platform with solutions for any problem

  • Fuel fill, inventory, & vendor management
  • Fuel efficiency monitoring
  • Train planning
safety & claims
  • PTC monitoring & alerting
  • Digital video recorder (with LVVR regulations in mind)
  • FRA-compliant event recorder
  • Health monitoring & commissioning
  • Real-time & historic faults and configurations management
  • Infrastructure monitoring with AI
  • Customer service tools
  • Crew monitoring & reporting
  • Real-time & historic train tracking

A Class I customer of Wi-Tronix saved $80K on fuel per year, per locomotive

A North American Class I railroad saved $600 million over seven years using Wi-Tronix-powered excess idle alerts, daily fuel summaries, and billing support for automated fuel reconciliation.

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