Zoom in of violet edge technology

The leading software platform for rail

Violet Edge offers unprecedented visibility into locomotives and passenger vehicles. See what’s happening in real time using the rail industry’s most advanced IoT platform and connected event recorder hardware.

violet edge hardware

Flexible IoT software with tailored solutions for rail’s unique challenges

Wi-Tronix software captures and distributes information about diverse situations, including excess idling, operator mobile phone usage, and asset location. It all happens in a secure hybrid cloud, so you can safely access data any time, anywhere.

An integrated solution for a healthy, efficient fleet

platform with “AI inside”
  • Self managed with regular remote updates
  • Onboard and B2B application program interface (APIs)
  • Secure onboard platform and cloud-hosted portal
risk management & claims
  • Digital video recorder (DVR) & closed circuit TV (CCTV)
  • Event recorder (ER)
  • Online incident investigation with Violet View
operations & safety
  • Crew monitoring & reporting
  • Train tracking & on time performance
  • Real-time & historical dashboards
  • Online fault, health monitoring, and configuration management tools
  • Real-time, remote troubleshooting
  • “Plug & play” installation and commissioning

Solutions for passenger and freight railways

Compatible with locomotives from any manufacturer or year

Wi-Tronix technology and hardware is configured to work with assets from every single original equipment manufacturer. Setup is completely plug-and-play.

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