Two trains move fast to the different directions.

Get a live look into your passenger and transit vehicles

Wi-Tronix’s connected IoT software and event recorder gives you more than just data points. Gain a complete understanding of what’s going on inside and outside your vehicles with audio and video data.

Collage of Violet View data screens

Single, real-time view for both drivers and operations

The Wi-Tronix Connected Diagnostics System enables safety and operations teams to share information in real-time. See what your operator is seeing so you can provide remote support and guidance to your team in the field.

front view of modern SUX 2200 train

Know what needs maintenance attention before arrival

Detailed maintenance analytics allow you to dispatch crew and equipment immediately. You’ll always have the right people and parts to minimize delays.

Collage of violet view hardware and freight train

Create alerts specifically for your rail network’s needs

Wi-Tronix software can be tailored to meet any maintenance, operations, or safety department need. Our engineers will work with you on custom development, and our consultative support team will ensure continuous improvement.

A centralized view for your entire fleet

Camera view of railcars with CCTV

Promote passenger safety

Keep your riders safe with CCTV. You’ll be notified in the event of a safety incident or simply if your cameras have been tampered with.

Fast moving passenger train at sunset.

Modernize your assets

Violet Edge unlocks contemporary data aggregation and extends the life of your vehicles.

Aerial view of workers on train tracks.

Access video and data from anywhere

View and download video, audio, and event recorder information from any location in the world.

A single, integrated IoT platform

  • Real-time remote visibility via CDS & TOD
  • “Plug & play” installation & commissioning
  • Online fault, health monitoring, and advanced data analysis tools, including Wi-Nostix®
safety & claims
  • CCTV & Fast Act-compliant digital video recorder (DVR)
  • Detect Overshoot Station
  • Possible Train Securement alert
  • Real-time train tracking & on-time performance
  • Crew monitoring & reporting
  • Real-time & historical dashboards
Artificial Intelligence
  • Passenger compartment monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Vandalism detection
66% reduction in manual inspection time.

AI that reliably reduces manual inspection time

We’ve trained a visual artificial intelligence system to detect exceptions at train crossings. It’s expected to save 66% of manual inspection hours per year per crossing.

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