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Regulatory compliance

Constantly staying one step ahead and having a team dedicated to staying educated on all current and upcoming regulations, Wi-Tronix is committed to ensuring our customers meet any regulation, no matter if its local or international.

In order to provide the best software for the rail industry, Wi-Tronix has a dedication to being current on regulatory compliance for all railroads we serve. We are the solution to fit any regulation across North American and Australian railroads. Our Violet Edge complies with the FRA regulations in the U.S., the upcoming LVVR regulation in Canada, ARTF in Mexico, and ROGS in Australia.


With customer focus as one of our core values, we ensure that we are meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers across the world. Our commitment to innovation allows us to adapt our product to uphold safety and compliance for all of our customers in the rail industry.  


For any questions regarding regulatory compliance or an upcoming/current regulation, please contact

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