Blurred, high speed passenger train in motion on railroad at night.

Collect, consolidate, and stream rail vehicle data in real time

The Wi-Tronix cloud-based software and connected on-board hardware gives railways radically better ways to gather, access, and act on train information.

Violet Edge, the Wi-Tronix single-box solution

The AI-powered Violet Edge platform provides total visibility into your rail network

Edge computing unlocks hidden insights. As our connected video and event recorder captures data, our IoT software processes it in a secure hybrid cloud. Information is always available, equipping authorized users with context to understand past incidents and anticipate the future.

showing various Wi-Tronix events and alert types

A cloud-connected IoT program with diverse solutions for rail

Wi-Tronix software can be customized to address any rail need, including fuel management, maintenance of way, and safety policy compliance. Our software distributes actionable alerts, meaningful analytics, and proactive decision-making.

Customize insights to achieve efficiency

View of conductor driving train through mobile detection perspective

Mobile detection

Monitor mobile phone usage to prevent distracted driving and identify safety violations.

Energy monitoring Ferromex LNG

Energy monitoring

Plan trips and gain insight into how assets consume fuel with alerts on excess idling and stretch braking.

Aerial view of specific railroad track location

Location tracking

Identify the exact position of your rail vehicles with pinpoint accuracy, down to the mile marker.

Camera view of the rail switch ahead

Digital video recorder

Speed up the incident investigation process with evidence from synchronized video and event recorder data.

View of Wi-Display 300 showing connected diagnostics

Connected diagnostics

Monitor, support, and assist train operators with over-the-road issues with live streaming trip information.

Coordinator getting customizable alerts on mobile devices and desktop screens

Customizable alerts

Activate notifications that are relevant to making your rail system safer and more cost-effective.

Eliminate barriers for urgent incident responses

High-speed train moves by rail, purple and orange shapes decorate diagonal corners

Record and transfer high-resolution, second-by-second data about your fleet during operation, no matter its location.

Compare assets from different manufacturers with statistics that are automatically converted and standardized.

View and download locomotive data, audio, and video remotely from your personal computer or mobile phone.

Immerse yourself into your operations; see, hear, feel, and experience your operations in real-time.

Arial view of various tracks connected to various plug inputs

Simple, plug-and-play setup and configuration

The Violet Edge syncs itself and works with locomotives and passenger vehicles from any manufacturer and year. It’s ready to operate as soon as it’s plugged in.

55% of Class I locomotives in North America utilize the Wi-Tronix platform

Powering one-third of North America’s locomotives

Wi-Tronix is driven to improve rail operational efficiency, service reliability, and safety by integrating continuously improving technology into transportation. North America’s largest railways agree: one in three locomotives utilize the Wi-Tronix platform-based solution.