Wi-Tronix and Transport Canada LVVR

Wi-Tronix and Transport Canada's Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder (LVVR) Regulation

Transport Canada’s LVVR Regulation is complex and requires an adept solution to assist your railroad in compliance: that’s where Wi-Tronix comes in. Assisting in complying to both the physical hardware aspects with our IoT-powered Violet platform, cameras, and microphones, to automating reports and pulling data through our secure customer portal, Wi-Tronix is ready. The question stands: are you?

Is your railroad ready? Wi-Tronix is.

Compliance requires more than just a standard solution

Don’t let Transport Canada’s Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder Regulation consume your time. Stop spending an hour manually completing a task that, with the Wi-Tronix solution, could be automated and done in 30 seconds. While the regulation’s 37 sections may be daunting at first, our fusion of the Violet solution, secure customer portal (which provides real-time locomotive data on any device no matter your location), and team of Customer Success Managers will ensure this regulation is stress-free for your team and ensures Transport Canada compliance.  

Advanced capabilities at your fingertips

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated

Our 10-part Transport Canada audio series explores the intricacies of the Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder regulation. Click to listen to Wi-Tronix Digital Marketing Specialist Hannah Tadey and VP of Sales and Customer Experience Chad Jasmin break down how our system is the all-in-one-solution for regulatory compliance.