CFR 229.136: Why Buy a Platform vs. Box Solution for Regulatory Compliance?

We’re revisiting the final ruling for Locomotive Image and Audio Recording Devices for Passenger Trains, mandated by FAST Act Section 11411 or CFR 229.136. Previously, we discussed who this regulation affects, its core requirements, and even explored potential use cases.


The final ruling is here, and US-based passenger and commuter rail systems have four years for full compliance. While this may seem overwhelming, especially for large fleets, compliance becomes manageable with the right partnerships.


We understand you might have questions: is building an in-house system preferable to purchasing a platform? Why choose an IoT solution for widespread deployment when a basic box solution seems sufficient? Let’s address these concerns.


Building in-house vs. leveraging a platform

Building your own solution requires diverting team members from existing projects or hiring new staff solely focused on development, implementation, and long-term maintenance.


The Wi-Tronix advantage:

By partnering with an IoT platform provider like Wi-Tronix, your existing team can continue their regular duties. Wi-Tronix will handle everything from installation and implementation to ongoing support, adapting to your evolving needs.


Additionally, Wi-Tronix grants access to a user community of over 13,000 fellow users, allowing you to exchange best practices to improve overall rail operations.


Investing in a platform for the future:

The Wi-Tronix Violet platform goes beyond simply satisfying regulatory requirements – it’s built for long-term use and continuous improvement. Regulatory compliance is a necessity, so why invest in a solution that only addresses one need?


Beyond basic data collection:

Basic box solutions passively collect data, requiring manual retrieval when needed. A platform like the onboard Wi-Tronix platform offers real-time connectivity, allowing users to access data from any device, regardless of your location. It also unlocks a range of additional functionalities:

  • Conduct low-cost operational testing
  • Identify undesirable behavior through onboard cameras
  • Provide the highest level of security for your employees and passengers alike


Simplify compliance with Wi-Tronix:

Let Wi-Tronix handle your FAST Act compliance with the final ruling for Locomotive Image and Audio Recording Devices for Passenger Trains. Our powerful, cloud-based platform grants complete visibility into your rail network from installation onwards, with built-in expandability to address future needs. Even better, it’s all done through a single onboard device that simply keeps improving.