Growing Rail in 2024 and Beyond

Join Larry Jordan, Wi-Tronix President & CEO, and Gary Kaufman, Wi-Tronix CFO, as they share key takeaways from RailTrends 2023. This podcast recap explores the challenges and opportunities of the dynamic railroad industry and looks into Wi-Tronix’s proactive strategies for 2024.



Market share challenges and collaboration:


Larry Jordan and Gary Kaufman give insight into the persistent market share challenges faced by railroads against trucks. The two emphasize the need to address service reliability issues to reclaim market share. Post-CPKC merger, the industry adapts through collaboration, aiming to provide visibility and enhance reliability across interconnected railroads.



Agility, technology, and supplier roles:


The discussion expands on the importance of agility and technology. Gary highlights the role of artificial intelligence in improving efficiency, safety, and sustainability. The conversation underscores the crucial role of suppliers in promoting industry strengths, overcoming negative perceptions, and fostering growth through collaboration.



As Wi-Tronix looks ahead to 2024, the focus is on proactive planning, technological integration, and industry collaboration to position railroads as efficient, safe, and sustainable. Our hosts conclude with a call to promote the industry’s strengths and shape a positive narrative for the future of rail transportation.


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