Transport Canada LVVR Regulation Compliance Deadline:








Prepare, Comply, and Conquer

Government regulations across many industries are often changing or updating, and the railroad market is no exception. In 2020, Transport Canada announced the Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder (LVVR) Regulation to improve rail safety across Canada. Its compliance date of September 2, 2022 is rapidly approaching; is your railroad ready?

See and Hear for Yourself: Our Audio and Video Mini-Series on Transport Canada 

Learn what you need to do to prepare for the upcoming regulation and how Wi-Tronix is the only tested and proven solution to meet all hardware and software requirements laid out by Transport Canada.

Let Wi-Tronix Assist You on Your Road to Compliance

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to us. We have a team of experts dedicated to getting you the information you need and curating a custom solution for your railroad’s needs.

Nobody Else is Better Equipped to Take on the LVVR Regulation than Wi-Tronix

The Violet Edge 800, Wi-Tronix’s advanced IoT platform, will ensure you are ready for the new Locomotive Video and Voice Recorder regulation. Our all-in-one solution includes unique capabilities not offered by the competition today. Now is not only the time to prepare, but the time to take the lead.

Threats to Safety or Railway Operations

Make use of randomly downloaded videos to substantiate safety concerns, including possible threat detections such as unauthorized cell phone or sleep detection. Develop proactive training to improve your crew’s behavior and increase their safety.

Accelerated Download Time

Access your video and audio recording information from any connected web browser or device within minutes, not hours.

Audio and Video Recording Quality Testing Synchronization

Automate time synchronization tests on each locomotive to confirm the field of view, audio quality, and timing of video/audio, locomotive, and GPS data.

Data Security

SOC 2 Type II hosting environment allows you to retain a compliant infrastructure that includes configurable user access levels and secure file sharing with your operations or third parties.

Automated Random Downloads

Automate random selected download functionality as described by Transport Canada.

Record Keeping

Maintain records of voice/video access and download for six years, and deletion detail records for an additional six years.

Easily Communicate Data to Transport Canada

Provide secure access to video and audio recordings directly from our cloud-based application without physically transferring a single file.

Easily Communicate Data to Authorities

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your crew and staff with readily available operational data and recordings.

Data Integrity

Chain of Custody automates random downloads/test records and assures data is secure throughout the entirety of the data stream. Our solution will maintain your download as per the Transport Canada regulation requirements.