Wi-Tronix Solutions

Our package solutions provide the right insights at exactly the right time to drive effective safety, efficiency and reliability performance.

Foundation Package Solutions:

Wi-Tronix integrates data from all available sources on your rail vehicles at an unprecedented scale. This access to comprehensive time-synchronized data, coupled with sophisticated edge computing, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based SaaS solutions, gives you the ability to take prompt, effective action on critical issues impacting safety or operations.

Advanced Solution Packages:

Advanced Solution Packages leverage the Wi-Tronix IoT Platforms, the functions of the Foundation Package, as well as the Wi-Tronix Portal to bring additional value and insight into operations that include fuel management, event recorder and video, big data, and safety.

IoT For Rail Solutions:

Access untapped railway asset value using the most advanced onboard technology. See, hear, experience and understand train operations with comprehensive data integration and real-time edge computing, dynamic connectivity to optimize communication, and cloud-based SaaS solutions.

Vehicle Bus and I/O Packages – Hardware:
Seamlessly connect to CAN, LON, MVB for direct access to data signals and vehicle subsystems, enabling advanced diagnostics and data analytics.

Wireless Communication Packages - Hardware and SaaS:
Our secure, wireless transmission (included in the Foundation Package) provides seamless and reliable communications. Intelligent communications switching ensures that you always have the best coverage to stay connected to your assets and data.

Big Data Collector:
Enable your data scientists and analysts with access to detailed second-by-second location, telemetry, and vehicle data via the secure Web Portal. Second by second data is processed onboard the vehicle and frequently off-boarded securely to the cloud. Intuitive online navigation tools provide detailed historical data and diagnostic information to power your in-house analytics. Data is also available directly via alternate B2B web service.
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Data Retention Packages:
The Foundation package has a standard two years of data storage in our back office. Longer-term data retention options are available.

Event Recorder/Digital Video Recorder Solutions:

Wi-Tronix cloud-based solutions provide railroads the ability to view and download all Event Recorder and DVR data synced to real-time, on demand, or on a user-defined condition presented in a cohesive view – regardless of recorder type

Chain of Custody:
Assurance that the legal department can prove the integrity of the ER and video data from a remote, locomotive download to in-court viewing.

Event Recorder Packages – Hardware and SaaS:
Wi-Tronix Crash Hardened Memory (CHM) is FRA 449 CFR Appendix D to Part 229 and IEEE 1482.1-2013 Criteria for Certification of Crashworthy Event Recorder Memory Module certified. Data Integration Packages assure Violet Edge to PTC interface.
Remote Information Access is provided with an easy-to-use, secure web-based portal – no separate software is needed.
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Connected Crashworthy Data Package:
As a Connected Solution, data is continuously synced to the Cloud either automatically or on-demand, eliminating the need for someone to physically connect to the Event Recorder on the vehicle.
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Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Packages:
Integrated Video with your Event Recorder information helps remove operational uncertainties. See exactly what the Engineer is seeing through HD outward camera technology and inward facing 360 cameras.

Violet View™:
Universal and secure, this online viewer and search tool displays on-board signal data, video imagery data and a timeline map web-based view, allowing users to play back second-by-second data on demand.
With Violet Live™ you get a real-time data set including video thumbnails for authorized user viewing via a secure portal.

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Safety & Risk Management Solutions

The Wi-Tronix IoT platform connects you to time synchronized locomotive information that produces insights about the safety of your trains, crew and track. When incidents do occur, you have the real-time information needed to take immediate action, promote safety, or remedy the situation.

  • Monitor operating rules compliance such as speed limits
  • Ensure Compliance to Cell Phone Policy
  • Receive Alerts as Soon as Events Occur
  • Ensure Proper Incident Response Plans
  • Detect and Locate Track Issues
  • Automatically download and secure Video and Data after an Incident

Access the Wi-Tronix secure web-based user interface to display asset data and video fused together for an understanding of operations.

Chain of Custody
Assurance that the legal department can prove the integrity of the ER and video data from a remote, locomotive download to in-court viewing.

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Fuel & Energy Management Solutions

Fuel represents one of the most significant cost expenditures for a railroad. Through customized monitoring alerts, and reporting, we provide insights that allow you to save on your annual fuel spend. Advanced sensor technology combined with ground-breaking software solutions provide you with the opportunity to enhance operational efficiency, service reliability and safety.

Trip Optimizer Usage Alerts:
Wi-Tronix Trip Optimizer Usage Alerts are real-time notifications to the Fuel Desk, Dispatch or Road Foreman for usage on a Trip Optimizer equipped locomotive, enabling immediate corrective action. Confirm the control system's technology is correctly applied to assure on-time arrival with the least possible fuel usage.
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  • Reduce Excess Idle  [ Learn More ]
  • Vendor Fuel Reconciliation
  • Out-of-Fuel Alerts
  • Fuel and Idle management dashboards
  • Patented Technology Improves Accuracy
  • Energy Management System enhancements
  • Fuel Consumption Trends
  • Fuel Sensor Health

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Transportation Operation Solutions

We provide customizable best-in-class processing capabilities to integrate data from diverse fleets, sensors, and third-party applications, regardless of manufacturer.

Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR) Support:
Either through web portal applications or B2B connectivity, we can enhance your operations with remote on-board visual and data information and alerts.
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Train Integration:
Our Train Integration Package enables tracking and efficient monitoring of fuel burnt, train velocity, crew handling, train consist, schedule compliance reporting, a train Leg Statistics Web Service, Operator Scorecard and Train Based Trip reports via the Wi-Tronix Customer Portal.

In-Cab Audio Speaker Package:
The Wi-Tronix Speaker for In-Cab Audio provides drivers with the benefits of audible alerts from a speaker specifically engineered for a rugged environment.

Violet Live™ and Live Signals
Time synchronized information that enables efficient locomotive trouble shooting.

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Mechanical Maintenance Solutions

Our Mechanical Maintenance packages give you remote access to vehicle control system computer fault logs and allow for maintenance facility scorecard metrics. Your data, video, geo-spatial reference and operating alerts are consolidated, time synchronized and in one location – Available Anytime, Anywhere with Any Device.

We’re providing both operating and mechanical departments the current condition of their locomotives or transit vehicles so they can optimize operations or maintenance planning.

  • Vehicle Operations Meter for Optimized Overhaul Scheduling
  • Control System Faults
  • Shop Scorecard
  • Monitoring System Defects
  • Asset Maintenance Reminders
  • Locomotive Diagnostic Screening
  • Over the Air Software Updates

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Maintenance of Way Solutions

Geospatial mapping, milepost monitoring and wayside alerts accurately identify hazardous conditions of the track, wayside and locomotive, to increase operator and wayside crew safety. With a complete, time-synchronized data set at your fingertips, you can understand all of the operating conditions that may have contributed to a fault.

  • Possible Track Issue Episodes
  • Automatic Collision Detection
  • Frog or Switch Issue
  • Hard Couple / Run In / Slack Action
  • Roll Over Detection
  • Milepost and Wayside Location Survey

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Transit & Passenger Solutions

The Wi-Tronix IoT platform uses LTE connectivity to give you real-time information that produces insights about your fuel efficiency and locomotive safety. In addition to monitoring the core performance of your transit vehicle’s propulsion, braking, and other systems, all types of passenger-specific equipment can be monitored and health-status reported.

Transit & Passenger solutions include:

Passenger Video Analytics
Be notified when a camera is tampered with and automatically receive video footage of the tampering event. Our platform can host 3rd party visual analytics, to speed the trial and implementation of other visual analytics.

Equipment Monitoring
Download data and video immediately to send proper crew and equipment. Monitor vehicle systems and have immediate access to download performance and diagnostic information.

Operations Performance
Operator performance can be monitored and tracked over time with driver or train scorecards. Train performance in stations can be monitored and reviewed including station dwell time, door open status, and more.

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