Solutions for Increased Safety, Reduced Risk and Compliance to Rules

Access Information Faster

Audio and video are immediately available via remote download, even if onboard devices are destroyed. See, hear and experience operations in real time to know what is needed in the event of an emergency.

Increase Operator Awareness

In-cab audio alerts let operators know when speed restricted areas are near so they can reduce speed to the allowed amount, before derailment or accidents occur.

Reduce Incidents with Mobile Phone Detection

Mobile device detection keeps operators alert and prevents distraction while operating the locomotive or light rail vehicle.

Assess the Situation Using Remote Capabilities

Virtual ride along lets you into the cab of the locomotive or light rail vehicle, so you can see what the crew and passengers are experiencing in real time.

Always Know Your Asset Location

Geospatial positioning capabilities allow you to know the exact location of your asset, exactly when you need to know. Send crews to exactly the right location with the right equipment ready.

Understand Track Conditions to Prevent Issues

With forward facing cameras that continually assess track and wayside conditions combined with accelerometer data, you are aware of locomotive surroundings and can anticipate issues before they become problematic.

Plan Fuel Usage to Save Time and Money

We apply machine learning techniques to improve the accuracy of refuel events and fuel drop data. With more accurate data, optimize trip planning and refuel events to realize significant savings.

Know What You Have

Understand a locomotive’s fuel performance month-over-month, leveraging energy calculations to compare energy to fuel burn.

Get What You Pay For

Reconcile fuel received to fuel invoiced, and only pay for fuel received. Streamline fuel invoices by setting up autopay rules for invoice and fuel received match.

Trip Planning & Fuel Monitoring

Understand a locomotive’s fuel performance month over month, leveraging energy calculations to compare energy to fuel burn.

Fuel Consumption Scorecard

Measure train-to-train variation by locomotive, fleet ID, category and region. Using advanced analytics, reports can then be utilized to identify key drivers to improve fuel efficiency.

See a Complete Picture of Operations

Operations support is key to trains running on time and in the most efficient way possible. Know the condition of each car, the track, and the crew with operator performance alerts, operator safety alerts, and system health reports.

Operator Performance Alerts

Automated alerts give visibility into operator performance that helps save you time and money. With all of your information in one place, you can monitor and prevent overspeed, hard coupling, stretch braking, and impacts.

Operator Performance Reports

Operator scorecard and trip report are used to show an overall view of what happens on the locomotive, in real time, which makes crew communication and training easier and more dynamic.

In Cab Audio Alerts

Operator safety features such as mobile phone detection, overspeed alerts, emergency braking alerts, camera obstruction, and bad track alerts show a more complete picture of operating conditions.

Fuel Consumption Scorecard

Measure train-to-train variation by locomotive, fleet ID, category and region. Using advanced analytics, reports can then be utilized to identify key drivers to improve fuel efficiency.

Fuel Alerts

Obtain real-time indications when your assets are running out of fuel. Use Geofences to know locomotive location and who to alert to take action. Subscribe to customizable alerts.

Refuel Planner

Use functions such as refuel planner to enable smart business decisions about fuel planning such as refueling at most cost effective location.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Monitor assets to detect imminent failures before they occur. Plan proactively and route locomotives to avoid service interruptions. Optimize repair location and lower material costs by being ready with exactly what you need exactly where you need it.

Save Time and Money

Eliminate thousands of field sensors, labor hours, and track closures. Accurate cycle based counters help you understand asset level mileage and megawatt hours to shift from time-based to usage or condition-based activities.

Understand Asset Needs

Optimize maintenance activities for wearout and required overhaul component. Enables improved level loading and capital planning for your critical maintenance activities.

Monitor System Health Dashboard

View current status and trends for specific monitored components, such as: APU, Event Recorder, DVR, Fuel, Overall Health, Commissioning Status, and more. The Monitoring System Health page displays the health status of connected systems at the asset level.

Control System Faults

Remote viewing of control system faults with detailed historical data describing the faults from an individual asset data pack where associated. The Control System Health Summary displays detailed historical and current health status of an entire fleet.

DVR Health Summary

The Digital Video Recorder Health Summary page displays detailed historical data describing the condition of the Digital Video Recorder for an entire fleet.

Understand Your Return on Investment

Ensure performance and benefits from your energy savings investments. Review AESS, APU event logs and activity to take the subjectivity out of understanding your return on investment.

Infrastructure and Risk Detection to Ensure Safe Rail Operations

With geospatial mapping, milepost monitoring and wayside alerts, you can easily and accurately identify hazardous conditions of the track, wayside and locomotive to increase operator and wayside crew safety.

Greater Visibility

With a complete, time-synchronized data set at your fingertips, you can understand all of the operating conditions that may have contributed to a fault.

Know Where Things Are Happening

User configurable geofences allow you to set up alerts that let you know exactly where problems may arise and plan for maintenance.

Monitor Wayside Assets

The first step in monitoring critical assets, and a PTC federal mandated requirement, milepost monitoring provides understanding and alerting if mileposts are missing, damaged or unreadable.

Mileposts Enable Accuracy

Detect and Identify when your critical PTC assets are in the correct location.

Vegetation Monitoring

Cameras allow you to know when vegetation covers the milepost, so MoW crews know exactly where to go.

Wayside Location Survey

Survey the track while in revenue service, instead of taking time to block off the track.

Create Better Passenger Experiences

Know when your vehicles are fit for duty, or if additional action is needed to respond to a system fault or external condition. If you have custom equipment, we can connect to it for current status and diagnostic updates. In addition to monitoring the core performance of your transit vehicle’s propulsion, braking, and other systems, all types of passenger-specific equipment can be monitored and health-status reported.

Passenger Video Analytics for Safety and Security

This IoT Edge processor is a host for powerful visual analytics and machine learning. You can be notified when a camera is tampered with and automatically receive video footage of the tampering event. Our platform can host 3rd party visual analytics, to speed the trial and implementation of other visual analytics.

Video, Data and Connectivity

With a fully connected vehicle, we integration mechanical and electrical systems data and faults with GPS and video data. Forward facing, cab interior, or passenger cab video systems complete the picture, to show exactly what is happening. Information is quickly and easily accessible by any authorized user in your operations to identify a safety, performance, or reliability concern and determine appropriate actions.

Crew Performance

Crew performance operating over the road can be monitored and reviewed including vehicle overspeeds, compliance to new restricted speed zones, excessive braking or deceleration of the train, and more, which assists with training and compliance.

Operations Performance

Operator performance can be monitored and tracked over time with driver or train scorecards. For more immediate feedback, customizable email alerts can be configured for specific passenger operations. Train performance in stations can be monitored and reviewed including station dwell time, door open status, and more.

Equipment Monitoring

Download data and video immediately to send proper crew and equipment. Monitor vehicle systems and have immediate access to download performance and diagnostic information. Enable your crews with advanced information, so you have the right people, parts, and equipment needed to make repairs, maximize uptime, and minimize passenger delays.

Automatic Alerts and Notifications

A wide array of selectable alerts are available to enhance your responsiveness to vehicle and passenger events. Receive a message including a link to Event Recorder and Video data that was automatically download when a Penalty Brake Application was initiated. Select the alerts you need based on job function or area of responsibility.

How We Do It

Our ability to integrate, synchronize and normalize data is unparalleled in the rail industry. We work on many OEM’s equipment and offer full-fleet solutions and connectivity to multiple third-party systems. This ability enables everything we do. With the most sophisticated data integration platform, we bring IoT, AI and vision systems together to deliver pragmatic solutions across rail organizations.

Utilizing both edge computing and cloud-based software services, Wi-Tronix provides real-time data aggregation and analytics on an unprecedented scale. Wi-Tronix works closely with customers to improve the safety, service reliability, and operational efficiency of their transportation systems. The entire Wi-Tronix team is passionately committed to its global vision of saving lives and ensuring the most efficient and reliable movement of goods and people throughout the world.

Innovating Solutions For The Bigger Picture

The Wi-Tronix IoT platform integrates comprehensive data acquisition with Artificial Intelligence to deliver pragmatic, functional solutions designed specifically for rail, enabling operators to take immediate action, as well as develop long-term strategies for safety, efficiency and reliability.

We complete the big picture and we show it to you, enabling safer operations, decreased cost, and efficiency unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. More than just data, we connect you to information that shows you the inside of the cab, the track, fuel sensors, and more. Using advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we provide alerts and reports that deliver value to your organization in the form of decreased fuel cost, optimization of maintenance, and the exact location of your assets at all times.