Executive Leadership

Larry B. Jordan
President and CTO

Larry Jordan, President and co-founder of Wi-Tronix, is committed to a global vision of saving lives by improving the safety, service reliability, and operational efficiency of transportation systems for the rail industry. An inventor and innovator, Larry holds multiple patents in the area of locomotive control systems. He believes passionately that innovation can provide the future of rail safety. Today, Larry leads the Wi-Tronix team in providing remote monitoring, video analytics and predictive diagnostic solutions to railways, ensuring the most efficient and reliable movement of goods and people throughout the world.

Michael D. Heilmann
Executive Vice President, COO

Mike is the Executive Vice President and COO of Wi-Tronix, a leading provider of smart remote monitoring, visual intelligence, and predictive diagnostics solutions designed specifically for the rail industry. An active member of the Association of American Railroads Railway Electronics Standards, his work supports the development and deployment of the most advanced technology available for rail; edge computing, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based SaaS solutions, which give rail operators the ability to take real-time action on critical issues and use precise insights for strategic management across their operations. Currently, Mike leads Wi-Tronix Business Development efforts along with overseeing Wi-Tronix IT, Project Engineering, and Sales and Marketing groups.

Lisa A. Matta
Vice President – Product Management

As a leader in technology for nearly 20 years, Lisa Matta innovates solutions that solve critical issues faced by the rail industry. She combines a talent for invention with a passion for education, providing a pathway for future innovators and leaders in her field. As a co-founder of Wi-Tronix, Lisa is named in five patents and has been instrumental in spearheading the design, development, test, and launch of new software and products since the company’s beginning. Today, Lisa serves as Vice President of Product Development for Wi-Tronix. She continues to cultivate engineering skills in students at all levels through her volunteer work as a National Official with Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, active member of the Society of Women Engineers, and mentor in the STEAM youth organization, Destination Imagination.

Chad Jasmin
Vice President – Customer Success

As a goal-oriented leader with over a decade of experience, Chad Jasmin focuses on improving performance while reducing costs in the highly competitive rail industry. He combines his talent for planning and analysis with demonstrated leadership skills to consistently enhance customer satisfaction. His talents in resource management, business solutions and process improvements enabled him to serve in leadership roles in Product and Sales before becoming the VP of Customer Success for Wi-Tronix. Chad led the introduction of the Track Temperature Restriction Monitoring and Mobile Phone Detector. Today, Chad directs and leads the Customer Success team for Wi-Tronix, LLC, working with executives and teams across the organization to acquire new business, develop new products and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Terri Sprout
Vice President – Finance

As Vice President of Finance, Terri is dedicated to assuring the financial health of Wi-Tronix. With over 20 years’ experience in accounting and finance, she oversees and helps project future financial investments and plans with a very strong systems background. Terri holds an MBA with a concentration in management information systems and a Bachelors degree in business administration for Accounting. Her extensive financial and business qualifications include CPA, CMA, CGMA certifications and she is a member of IMA and AICPA.

Kimberly Sass
Vice President – Human Resources

A trusted coach and mentor with over 20 years of experience in the HR industry, Kim takes a genuine interest in developing the strengths and talents of the individuals she hires. Emotional intelligence enables Kim to understand and motivate the range of people she works with. Leveraging her talents across the enterprise, Kim is responsible for leading the ideation and execution of the HR Strategy for Wi-Tronix. Looking at talent first through the business lens and then the HR lens offers Kim a different perspective on building capability across the organization. Inspiring leadership at all levels of the organization, Kim respects and supports a diverse group of people who transform safety for the rail industry.

Mike Klabunde
Vice President – Marketing

Michael Klabunde, VP of Marketing for Wi-Tronix, is focused in the areas of Industrial and Governmental Relations in addition to strategic and product marketing. Michael has come to us with over 25 years of locomotive experience across a wide range of functions. Formerly of EMD and Progress Rail, Mike has held roles including engineering management, commercial management, locomotive systems engineering, marketing, account management, and international sales and service engineering. Advanced technology is a particular interest of Mikes’, especially in the areas of connectivity, engines and emissions reduction technologies, traction systems and control systems. Michael has an MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Vince Guarna, Jr.
Vice President – Product Development

Vince is a lifelong business-oriented technologist that has been building hardware and software products for more than 30 years. His experience covers a wide variety of areas including Internet of Things cloud systems, smart wireless sensors, automotive control systems, telematics, factory intelligence applications, medical electronics, ERP systems, numerical scientific computing, automated testing, and engineering process development. Vince served as president and general manager of an IoT company serving the health care market and was also adjunct faculty at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, teaching graduate level computer science courses. After hours, Vince enjoys a number of avocations including a passion for model railroading, performing and composing music, and flight instruction.