Chad Jasmin

Vice President - Sales and Customer Experience

Chad Jasmin is the Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience at Wi-Tronix. Chad joined Wi-Tronix as Business Solutions Manager in 2012 and was instrumental in the development and launch of several Wi-Tronix products and customer success strategies. Chad has led the rapid growth of Wi-Tronix’s Violet product adoption to over 2,000 installed systems, establishing Wi-Tronix in Australian and Mexican rail markets. Alongside his current Wi-Tronix role, he also oversees the Marketing department to expand commercial success and improve the scope of the customer experience through targeted outreach and content. Chad was previously the General Manager at South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad and led its team to achieve a 53% reduction over the previous year in reportable safety incidents, successfully creating a culture that repelled the right to form a union vote in 2011. Through the development of improved transportation service plans, Chad increased customer satisfaction by improving on-time operations by 9.33% while decreasing terminal dwell by 24%. He strengthened community outreach with a partnership between SKOL and Cherryvale High School with a painted locomotive that represented the school’s colors. His involvement in the project fostered a healthy community culture, giving a historic gift to the local community.