Product Manager Mihir Phadke Leads Discussion on Safety and Security Technologies at APTA Tech

Wi-Tronix’s very own Senior Product Manager, Mihir Phadke, presented at the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Technical Conference in Denver, CO.. The APTA Technical Conference covers topics about how the public can use innovative technologies to better navigate transit, such as emerging technologies in autonomous and real-time data services. In line with Wi-Tronix’s mission of innovation, Mihir led a panel discussion titled “Safety and Security Technologies for Transit” and presented his latest automated crossing inspections of grade crossings using AI from his work at Wi-Tronix.


As the conference convened to help the industry rise to the ever-evolving challenges of the transportation industry, Mihir was an integral part of the room of over 100 professionals in the audience. He discussed in detail how crossing accident rates continue to be a concern in the rail industry, but how Wi-Tronix is using innovation in AI with our built-in AI platform which can be used as a crucial tool to improve public safety.


If you missed out on Mihir’s presentation, you can learn about the Wi-Tronix solution specifically for passenger and public transportation here.