Connected, regulatory compliant rail vehicle solutions

Improve safety, enable operational efficiency, and enhance passenger experience with the Wi-Tronix IoT platform





Embracing connected train technology by implementing real-time connected diagnostics

In collaboration with PATH, Wi-Tronix VP of Product Management Lisa Matta will highlight the benefits of connected train technology and real-time vehicle data accessible through the Wi-Tronix portal. The workshop will showcase how a connected platform enhances service performance, efficiency, reliability, and passenger safety. Join the live session on Wednesday, May 1 at 10:45AM in Wildwood Rooms 1-2.

Enhance passenger safety and security through real-time monitoring and alerting

The Wi-Tronix platform enables real-time monitoring and alerting, enhancing passenger safety and security. High definition, immersive cameras with 360-degree views and virtual reality capabilities further increase visibility and passenger safety. Modernize business processes to remotely investigate incidents, saving time with increased visibility and real-time alerts. Improve customer satisfaction with access to real-time train information and enhanced arrival information.

Maximize uptime with proactive maintenance from onboard systems

Increase fleet availability by minimizing asset downtime and avoiding line of road or in-revenue service failures. Optimize asset reliability through verifying maintenance accountability and adhering to OEM planned maintenance cycles. Improve mechanical shop operations efficiency to save time, labor, ensure accurate work scope completion, and ultimately reduce maintenance costs.

Is your rail agency compliant? Let Wi-Tronix assist

In order to provide the best software for the rail industry, Wi-Tronix is dedicated to being current on regulatory compliance for all railroads we serve. We are the solution to fit any regulation across North American and Australian railroads. Our Violet Edge complies with FRA regulations in the U.S. (including the Locomotive Image and Audio Recording Devices regulation), California Air Resources Board/CARB’s In-Use Locomotive Regulation, Transport Canada’s Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder regulation in Canada, ARTF in Mexico, ROGS in Australia, and more.

Gather real-time vehicle data through Wi-Tronix’s digital onboard solution