Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority to Deploy Enhanced Incident Investigation and Safety Solutions

Bolingbrook, Illinois – March 11, 2020 – The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) will complete deployment of the Wi-Tronix® Violet Edge IoT Platform on their diesel locomotive fleet to enhance the safety of their trains and to improve service reliability.


Wi-Tronix has been creating value and showing the positive impact of accessing on-board data and video with some of the MBTA fleet since 2015.  With this scheduled deployment of Wi-Tronix, MBTA will now have the rest of their diesel locomotive fleet equipped with safety, fuel management, transportation, maintenance and video solutions.


“The MBTA is focused on safety and service reliability,” said Ryan Coholan, Chief Railroad Officer for MBTA.  “Deploying the Wi-Tronix Violet Edge IoT Platform across all of our diesel locomotive fleets will provide MBTA with a powerful combination of edge processing, connectivity, analytics, cloud processing, and real-time information to increase safety, reliability and efficiency.  This is about how we can better serve our customers, the ridership of MBTA.”


The full fleet deployment of Violet Edge in MBTA locomotives will include video systems, in-cab mobile device detection, edge processing alerts for safety and operations, with a connected solution that enables fast, efficient response to emergency situations or incident investigation.


“Wi-Tronix is pleased to work with MBTA, and is excited about bringing more safety, efficiency and reliability enhancement solutions to their full fleet” said Larry Jordan, President and CTO of Wi-Tronix. “We are committed to supporting MBTA on their goal to provide what is best for their operators, crew, pedestrians and the public”.


At Wi-Tronix, we’re combining edge processing with advanced systems like Visual Intelligence (VI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect and interpret actionable information that improves railway safety in real-time.


About Wi-Tronix


Wi-Tronix®, LLC delivers advanced IoT platforms for the rail industry that provide actionable information and insights on how networks are performing in real-time.  By enabling continuous improvement with a powerful combination of connectivity, analytics, alerts and more, we are enabling freight, passenger railroads and transit systems with the tools that help enhance safety, operational efficiency, and service reliability. The Wi-Tronix team is passionately committed to its global vision of saving lives and ensuring the most efficient and reliable movement of goods and people throughout the world. Find out more about Wi-Tronix at or contact us at