Wi-Tronix and OmniTRAX Take Stage at 2023 ASLRRA Conference and Expo

The 2023 Annual ASLRRA Conference and Expo provided a stage for an open discussion of innovation in the rail industry, with Wi-Tronix’s VP of Sales and Customer Experience, Chad Jasmin, and OmniTRAX’s VP of Special Projects, Scott Remington, jointly presenting on “innovative strategies” to discuss the evolution of the Wi-Tronix solution and the impactful customer use cases on OmniTRAX’s rail operations.



Chad began the presentation with a journey through Wi-Tronix’s timeline, highlighting its growth to over 25 short line customers with a fleet of over 1,000 locomotives. The Violet platform integrates LDARS, ER, DVR, CHMM, and remote monitoring to provide real-time data to the industry. The cloud-based portal and SaaS offer real-time data access and over-the-air updates to drive rail innovation, resulting in enhanced safety, efficiency, and reliability.


Additionally, he presented customer use cases, showcasing Wi-Tronix’s adaptability to diverse operational needs. From emissions and excess idle reporting to traction motor damage and DVR video downloads, Wi-Tronix’s features empower customers to monitor and optimize fuel usage, prevent service interruptions, and control costs. Real-time locomotive data access via the customer portal also provides invaluable historical analysis and incident response, saving time and enhancing collaboration with law enforcement.


Scott Remington outlined OmniTRAX’s journey thus far with Wi-Tronix. Deploying the first system in 2015 for testing on the Great Western Railway of Colorado, OmniTRAX expanded its Violet deployment across 73 additional locomotives in 2018. The collaboration fostered the creation of dashboards for field managers, enabling the tracking of safety actions, fuel spend, and train handling alerts.



OmniTRAX’s strategic focus centers on three pivotal pillars: safety, data analytics, and cost savings. Leveraging Wi-Tronix, safety becomes a paramount concern with video and data aiding investigations into accidents and derailments. The second pillar involves utilizing Microsoft BI dashboards to highlight insights from Wi-Tronix data, while the third focuses on capturing idle alerts for continuous improvement and cost savings.


The Wi-Tronix strategy represents a shift in the rail industry. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into daily operations, Wi-Tronix and OmniTRAX are at the forefront of enhancing safety, optimizing efficiency, and driving innovation in the dynamic world of rail transportation.