Voice & Video Sharing for Transport Canada’s LVVR Regulation



As a leader in locomotive voice and video recording, Wi-Tronix has patented technology that provides easy access and sharing of video and audio for your entire fleet from anywhere in the world. But don’t be misinformed, not just anybody can access your fleet’s data.


As per section 19, Wi-Tronix provides our customers with complete control over who can view your data. We ensure the highest level of privacy and security, especially when it comes to high-profile incidents. You can have faith in the modern hardware and SaaS that Wi-Tronix provides our customers.


To go back to a high-profile incident example, seeing that our back-office data is 100% remote accessible, your video and voice data is available minutes post-incident rather than the hours it could potentially take a team of investigators to physically report to an incident site and pull the download. Within those minutes, voice and video data from the incident can be shared immediately with the Transportation Safety Board before they arrive on the scene as well. Those times savings provide investigators with a preliminary understanding of the scene before being boots on the ground, which means your railroad service will be restored at a much quicker pace.




Even more, our one file digital approach eliminates the opportunity for multiple copies to be distributed via flash drives, uploaded to YouTube, or whatever your railroad’s worst fear is during an incident investigation. Our one file digital approach with a built-in Chain of Custody shows not only who shared the data and when, but who has viewed it as well.


As many of you know, the nature of our business is often unpredictable. Incidents often occur during non-traditional business hours and can happen in remote, hard-to-access locations. With Wi-Tronix and the latest Violet-powered technology, your team can have immediate access to time-sensitive audio and video information from the convenience of your remote office. You know from anywhere that as long as you have cellular service you can stay engaged, remain alert, and your assets are kept safe.


For more information or if you have any questions on how Wi-Tronix is here to assist your railroad with the upcoming regulation, contact sales@wi-tronix.com.