Visualize the Future of Rail

Some people don’t think of Rail as the most tech savvy industry, but they’re mistaken.


The 21st century has seen the introduction of incredible technological advances across all modes of transportation. Why has rail been overlooked?


Perhaps we take Rail for granted because it has always been there for us. Almost 200 years ago, railways helped build this country and served as the backbone of our economy. They’ve become so ingrained in our society that people often forget the immense impact they still have today.


The rail industry has continued to evolve and serve us over the past two centuries. The transition into the digital era in particular has brought improvements to all facets of the railway system.
Let’s dive into one innovation that has rocked this industry: video and vision systems.


From safety to efficiency, vision and video have had a huge impact. They’ve allowed for improvements on both the operational and passenger side of the railway experience.


For example, the introduction of cameras in passenger compartments has provided one of the most effective strategies for preventing violence and contention. There are systems that can actually detect aggression and provide real time analysis and reports as situations unfold. This allows conductors to address incidents before they escalate so they can better ensure the safety of all passengers.


Some people don’t think of Rail as the most tech savvy industry, but they’re mistaken.
On the operational side, vision systems enable trains to record and analyze any accidents that occur. Technicians are then able document why and how the issue occurred so they can get deep insights into how to prevent it in the future.



We’ve only just begun to graze the surface of the potential new technology has for the railway industry. In the years to come, we’ll see things like the application of artificial intelligence and a transition into autonomous trains.


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Originally posted by Larry Jordan on LinkedIn – 3/12/2019