Transforming Rail Safety: VP of Product Management Lisa Matta Presents at 2023 APTA Rail Conference and Expo

Lisa Matta, Wi-Tronix VP of Product Management, presented at the 2023 APTA Rail Conference and Expo earlier this month. Her presentation, “Improving Passenger Safety with AI and Other Technologies,” focused on the innovative solutions that Wi-Tronix brings to the table, envisioning a future where rail travel is not only efficient but also inherently safe.


Lisa opened her presentation with a visual of an ideal train journey, addressing key concerns that impact passenger experiences. Overcrowding, unauthorized personnel in locomotive cabs, distracted operators, and doors opening on the wrong side are all challenges that can impact passenger experience. Wi-Tronix, Lisa explained, is on a mission to build a safety culture for rail agencies, addressing these issues head-on.


The core of Wi-Tronix’s strategy lies in a comprehensive safety solution overview. Lisa detailed the integration of AI-powered technologies, including CCTV with passenger occupancy analysis, AI-driven cab intrusion and mobile device detection, and the Smart Door Assistant.


Specifically, Wi-Tronix’s Connected Coach Car solution offers 360-degree VR mode capabilities for enhanced visibility. This feature allows for real-time monitoring and incident triage, empowering rail agencies to respond promptly to incidents. The ability to remotely download videos speeds up incident investigation and dispatching, overall improving passenger safety.


Lisa highlighted the role of passenger occupancy data, showcasing its role in preventing overcrowding and optimizing resource allocation. By evaluating occupancy levels, rail agencies can adjust service frequency and staffing to enhance train capacity, leading to efficient resource management and cost reduction. The solution also enables the identification of travel trends, peak times, and areas of high demand.


Wi-Tronix’s integration of mobile device detection into the Violet platform emerged as a key component in enhancing safety. By identifying cellular signals within the cab and implementing customizable alert logic, rail agencies can take proactive measures to mitigate risks to the public and personnel. The solution not only reduces incidents but also provides historical tracking for compliance purposes.


In an industry where safety is top-of-mind, Lisa’s presentation underscored Wi-Tronix’s commitment to building a safety culture within rail agencies. Through the integration of AI and cutting-edge technologies, Wi-Tronix envisions a future where passengers can enjoy not only the efficiency of rail travel but also a secure journey.