The Exchange Rate of Innovation

Innovation is this country’s currency.


From the railroad and oil barons to present-day companies like Google, the United States has been built upon innovation.


These innovators are legends because they saw the bigger picture and imagined what the world could be.


We think we’re being innovators when we embrace the newest tech, but it’s bigger than that.


Innovation isn’t just about technology; it’s also about practices, policies, and processes.


For example, unlimited vacation days might seem illogical. Would we never take a vacation day or would we take as many as possible? How does that impact our operation?


The executives at Wi-Tronix, LLC tried implementing the policy as an experiment. We’re always looking for ways to do things better, and we wanted to test it in our organization.


It is about more than just a time-off policy. The ramifications of this could change the way our business operates and the talent we recruit.


Innovation is bigger than new technology. If you want to innovate effectively, you have to do it in everything you do.


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Originally posted by Larry Jordan on LinkedIn – 4/7/2021