The Crowd Has Spoken

Since the 1800s, freight railroads have worked behind the scenes to provide people with the products that they need in a timely and environmentally-friendly manner. Only in 2020, however, Americans are beginning to recognize the impact that freight railroads have on their everyday lives.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, essential rail workers have worked harder than ever to support those in need. They’ve assisted in keeping our country safe by transporting medical supplies, sanitation products, medication, food, and more. Furthermore, freight railroads have been instrumental in keeping the economy rolling during the past few months.


A recent poll by the Association of American Railroads surveyed over 2,000 adults about freight railroads and found broad bipartisan support for the industry. The respondents overwhelmingly agreed that moving freight by rail is important in helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions. They also favored moving freight by rail instead of by truck for economic and safety reasons.


I am glad to see such overwhelming support for the industry, especially given the major role that freight rail has played throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Originally posted by Larry Jordan on LinkedIn – 8/12/2020