Solar Energy’s Day In The Sun

The future of solar is on the horizon.


The momentum to make solar a viable source of energy is building, with many countries looking to phase out fossil fuel-powered vehicles in the coming years.


Currently, the best conversion rate of solar cells (solar-powered technology) is 30%. While there are limitations to solar power now and the cost is high, renewable and sustainable energy is steadily improving and is becoming more approachable to all.


For example, Hydrogen battery (electric), natural gas, and various forms of energy are being used in rail today and there won’t be a step change away from this; it doesn’t all have to happen in one year with the spending of billions of dollars.


The cost of solar continues to come down, which we see in the cost-effective approach of putting solar on your home or business.


The more solar power we have on the grid, the more energy we have to provide for solar-powered trains via electrical grids.


And while trains themselves aren’t yet solar-powered, this form of energy has an effect on the power used within the rail industry by allowing subways and other systems to generate green hydrogen through renewable energy sources.


Originally posted by Larry Jordan on LinkedIn – 2/1/2021