Small Steps Make a Big Difference in Customer Success

It’s all about your customers.


Everything in your business comes back to them. What are their needs? What will make their lives easier and more successful? How can your business provide the most value to them? Customer Success is all about working together with your customers to not only make them happy, but to make them successful. That means thinking far in advance, and constantly being three steps ahead. Making your customers’ lives better isn’t always about the big advancements. Rather, it’s about considering what micro actions you can take to lead to macro outcomes.


One of the ways we do this for our customers in the rail industry is by focusing on the locomotive mission. This means that by leveraging our Smart Fueling™ technology, we can see if the locomotive has enough fuel to make it to its destination, which in turn means our customers don’t have to stop as many times to get gas along the way. This is just one solution of many. A small step makes a big difference in customer satisfaction.


Think of a tech giant that has great customer service: Amazon. They are constantly innovating on ways to better serve their customers, and they’re never satisfied. Customers used to be pleased with the concept of receiving almost anything by ordering it online, but Amazon took it one step further and added Prime shipping. They then took it one step beyond that and added one-click purchase. Now you can receive almost anything in two days with the single click of a button. That is innovative Customer Success.


And that’s what Wi-Tronix is doing for the rail industry. We are focused on our customers and their greater mission, because we know that focusing on our customers’ successes will ultimately lead to our success. Giving value is a win-win.


You can find out more about how your locomotive mission impacts Customer Success in last week’s video.