Record of Data Access & Download for Transport Canada’s LVVR Regulation



Wi-Tronix provides a progressive way to manage data access and downloads on our User Activity Page. Data is managed and monitored according to section 19 of the LVVR regulation which requires that when accessing or downloading data, a record must include the following four key identifiers:


1) It must identify the person who accessed or downloaded the data,

2) The original date and timestamp from the data being recorded,

3) The date and timestamp of said person accessing the data,

4) A unique identifier for the controlling locomotive from which the data was recorded.


Monitoring this information is not only a requirement of the regulation but it’s also a way for railroad management to control and monitor the access of privileged information. However, while data is a powerful tool, it often gets overlooked as the process of accessing it can either be inconvenient or limited.


Wi-Tronix solves this by deploying the web-based player where select users have access to the User Activity Report Page which provides everything you need to know and more on any given data set. Just a few of the columns per data set include:


  • The asset ID (the unique identifier for the locomotive)
  • The activity date
  • Username
  • First and last name of the user
  • Department of the user
  • An activity message (such as the data accessed, downloaded, or physically saved to a local drive)
  • An IP address for which this activity took place on


Everything in the Wi-Tronix system has digital signatures. There are no more physical downloads on your locomotive, and there should not be physical downloads from the back office to a flash drive. Our all-digital approach ensures that your railroad’s Chain of Custody stays intact from the moment the data is recorded to the time it is deleted in six years.



This approach provides countless additional benefits including reducing the need for spare solid-state drives that are a significant cost compared to the LVVR systems. In addition, your railroad will no longer have to take on the cost of the management and storage of the SSDs. Finally, in accordance with section 19 subsection 3, your employees will receive an automatic, complete report every 30 days detailing the information outlined earlier regarding what data was downloaded and accessed monthly.


The Wi-Tronix back-office system truly covers it all. Your railroad’s reputation is the cornerstone of your company; let Wi-Tronix be your one-stop solution.


For more information or if you have any questions on how Wi-Tronix is here to assist your railroad with the upcoming regulation, contact