One Small Step for Larry, One Giant Leap for Wi-Tronix

All of the most groundbreaking technological advances start with an idea. It takes an innovative team taking small steps every day to actually make that idea come to fruition.


Take one of the greatest accomplishments in human history: putting a man on the moon. The genesis of this great mission was setting a seemingly impossible goal. All it took was a visionary like President John F. Kennedy to set the goal of putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade, and it brought people together as they worked to make it happen.


Today, Elon Musk is another example of a leader and visionary who drives his team toward the seemingly impossible through incremental steps. The path to launching the SpaceX Falcon Heavy was an enormous undertaking, but by leading his team forward through small objectives each day, he made this massive objective actually attainable. All it takes is a little ambition and a ton of passion.


So where do I fit into all of this? Fifteen years ago, I saw how technology could be used to make rail systems across the globe safer, more efficient and reliable. But it seemed impossible at first. How could one person compete with more well-established innovators and actually make a difference?


Through perseverance and strategic planning, small goals became large achievements. I founded Wi-Tronix, and what started as four people working in my basement has since evolved into a company with over one hundred thirty team members working to innovate the future of rail systems. Today, fifteen years after our founding, Wi-Tronix is constantly pushing boundaries, leveraging new technologies to bring value to our rail customers.


Fifteen years from now, railroad technology will look even more wildly different. Autonomous train operations will drive even further efficiency in public transportation, and that of goods and services. This is a huge undertaking and it is not going to be achieved in one large step. That’s why we at Wi-Tronix are making small incremental steps every day toward the end objective of autonomous rail operations.


You can contribute to the future of rail, too. Well, we all have our own ways of contributing to driving society forward. It’s when we come together that we can attain society’s greatest accomplishments.


So, what big goals are you passionate about? Let me know in the comments, and maybe we can work together to make them happen!


Originally posted by Larry Jordan on LinkedIn – 11/6/2019