Internet of Things (IoT) Railway

In the next 5 years, almost 70% of consumers will have a connected thermostat, and over 60% will have a smart security system. The benefits of those are easy to explain. Consumers save money, improve quality of life, time and increase protection.


As we shift our expectation at home we will expect the same at work. Is it cost effective to drive to a locomotive to get an event recorder, maintenance or video downloads? The market is going to demand more and the time to delivery information will be just like your smart home now and on whatever platform I wish. As you invests in highly complex systems like PTC, ACC and LDARS you may want to consider those things now! The market is unforgiving just look at Sears vs. Amazon. Don’t change and you could get left behind as the market is demanding innovators.


If you are not purchasing complex systems from a strategic standpoint and looking at it from a tactical buy that could be costly to organization. The Internet of Things is changing how we do business, consume information, monitor assets, over-the-air updates and much more. So when purchasing locomotive onboard solutions today’s shouldn’t that be a must have within the platforms today?


Originally published on LinkedIn