How We’re Centralizing Big Data

Despite being proactive about rail safety, there are a few common issues that we still encounter, like overspeed and blindspots. Big data can help improve safety and efficiency, and at Wi-Tronix, we are using big data to the best of our ability to detect and prevent unsafe behaviors and outcomes.


The term ‘big data’ can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why we’re working to simplify it. Our solution to that? Make Wi-Tronix a central data point. We interpret the data, detect problems, and find solutions, which makes it easy for our customers to fully understand and implement solutions.


Big data can be extremely useful, but many still don’t know how to effectively use it. Without knowing how to properly interpret data, we won’t be able to make insights. Across the industry, big data is not being connected and normalized for customers, and information is simply getting lost because no one is using that information.


When complex systems aren’t connected or monitored, they become ineffective and create waste and negative outcomes. When different departments make different decisions and don’t connect and communicate with each other, silos becomes a problem, and information that should be useful is being captured or blocked. People are placing IoT solutions on locomotives, hoping to increase efficiency, but those solutions aren’t connecting with other technologies or people. When the data isn’t linked, information doesn’t have meaning, and people cannot find solutions.


We do things differently at Wi-Tronix. We look at information, we centralize it, we put it in a common data set, and we normalize it to drive quicker, more precise outcomes. Our system allows users to actually understand the data presented, and find solutions no matter what type of locomotive they use, to find insights and drive positive outcomes. User experience is important, and it’s all about how customers can visualize data to drive positive outcomes.


Violet is the in-cab audio system we use, and it helps us synthesize large amounts of data and allows for future expansion and integration, which makes it ultra reliable. Instead of having multiple, disconnected platforms, Violet brings all the information together, and provides one solution. This ultimately improves locomotive reliability by reducing touches and mechanical servicing.


At Wi-Tronix, our customers come first. We’re a solutions provider, focused on providing value and solutions to our customers. We are rail experts; extracting information and driving insights is what drives outcomes for our customers, and that’s where we specialize. Our biggest belief is that our customers’ data is their data. We don’t lock it, and we don’t restrict it. We enable our customers to be successful in our platform, outside of our platform, and to drive outcomes that are going to take their business to the next level, to reduce waste and drive efficiency.


To learn more about my thoughts on big data, check out last week’s video here.


Originally published on LinkedIn