How to Leverage IoT for Customer Success

The industrial revolution is underway. As this revolution develops, we will see stickier integration of IoT, digital B2B, multi-complex locomotive onboard architectures, and edge/cloud computing. The data we collect, our communications systems, our transport protocol (ITCM vs. IP), and our user characteristics will develop deeper interconnected and trackable signatures. These technologies are incredibly exciting, as they open up what’s possible within the industry.


As technology becomes more and more advanced, we in the rail industry are rushing to utilize it as effectively as possible. The recent push to implement Internet of Things (IoT) technology is blurring the lines between the onboard, digital, and departmental silos we’ve become accustomed to, and it’s important that we continue to dissipate them.


IoT is already delivering a rich layer of data that isn’t being utilized or understood by our customers or the industry at large. But it should be. There’s ample opportunity to use this data to:


  • Inform product design
  • Streamline locomotive and infrastructure repairs
  • Ideate around train mission health
  • Solve new PTC challenges
  • Improve logistics with visibility into what’s happening in and around railway


At Wi-Tronix, we created a Customer Success team focused on supporting our customers with insights, possibilities, and best practices to supercharge customer outcomes by deploying disruptive IoT technology within rail.

We are focused on partnerships, rather than just revenue, so we explore our customers’ products usage and identify segmentation of potential opportunities to extract additional business value. We have begun this movement by targeting customer communication strategies that offer business value or insights proactively during each touch point. We’ve found that when we take this approach, we can optimize the user experience and customer journey and create solutions that are defined by our customers.


Customer Success, in practice, seeks to ensure clarity related to customer business objectives and challenges. Our mission for Customer Success is to deliver value for the customer AND Wi-Tronix by simplifying the user experience. We take a holistic approach to defining value by either providing insights around what action to take or actually taking those actions for our customers during each touch point. Ensuring controls are in place is critical to make sure your Customer Success team understands their purpose— to engage with customers.


At Wi-Tronix, we view all the raw data we collect as customer data, but many others in the rail industry aren’t taking this approach, and it’s hindering innovation. When data is kept from the customers, mistrust builds and innovation disintegrates. Is your C-Suite aware of this problem?  As an Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) company, we believe in unrestricted data to allow the vision for tomorrow be initiated in today’s business outcomes. It’s about moving the industry forward as a whole.


We can save thousands of man hours and redirect those resources to more critical tasks while reducing human error. The breadth of IoT and the opportunities it provides are truly endless.