How In-Cab Audio Drives Safety Forward

Safety for all is our top priority here at Wi-Tronix. There is new technology being used in the rail industry every day to collect data and improve safety, but these systems are not all connected. Although technology should be improving our systems and increasing safety, without communication between systems, using multiple systems just creates disconnect and inefficiency (check out my latest video of efficiency here). Disconnect can completely negate the potential benefits of new technology and create potentially dangerous situations. Not connecting the data only supports the Naysayers or Laggers within the industry. This damages everyone’s future.


Wi-Tronix is working to change that. Increased complexity in the rail sector is unnecessary, even dangerous, and big data means nothing if it is not properly utilized to improve face-to-face interactions. We are using new methods to connect all our systems and stay efficient in our operations.


The solution to disconnection is creating a central point of integration, and Violet allows us at Wi-Tronix to seamlessly connect all our data. Violet enables us to consolidate three programs into one, increasing reliability and efficiency. With Violet, Wi-Tronix enters all information into a standard user interface to easily drive better, more efficient outcomes. This makes Wi-Tronix the central point of communication and reduces disconnect.


Wi-Tronix uses in-cab audio, technology the airline industry has used for years, to increase safety and efficiency in the rail sector. In-cab audio uses audio cues to direct a pilot’s attention to a current risk or possible distraction so it may be preemptively resolved. You can even connect it to the weather forecast to predict potential hazards. In-cab audio is not meant to babysit you, but it’s like a blind spot detector in a car—it’s there to generate better outcomes and keep everybody safe.


Another benefit of in-cab audio is it can help ameliorate potential problems with fuel burn violations and overspeed. In-cab audio allows us to alert the engineer in real time that they may be in violation of fuel policies, speed limits, or safe train handling technique, so they can immediately adjust and improve efficiency.


Locomotive readiness means integrating all our systems, optimizing efficiency, and increasing safety. Technology like in-cab audio allows us at Wi-Tronix to pull everything together to increase efficiency and safety. Technology is always there—it doesn’t get distracted—but to really utilize technology, you need to ensure connectivity between systems. Utilizing technology can help limit human error without erasing human interaction, because we at Wi-Tronix believe technology works best when it works with people.


Originally published on LinkedIn