Freight Pulls Its Weight

Most people don’t realize how different their lives would be if not for rail and I don’t blame them. People think of trains as a way to commute from Point A to Point B. They rarely consider that railroads transport much more than people.


Railroads are the most environmentally-friendly way to move commodities across the country in bulk. Food, auto parts, energy products, and medication are among the many goods that are transported via freight trains—you can thank rail for inexpensive, fast delivery. Freight trains also emit a fraction of the greenhouse gasses that other forms of transportation do. According to the Association of American Railroads, moving freight by rail instead of truck lowers greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75%.


How does Wi-Tronix, LLC play into all of this? Our technology allows rail to claim the title of the most safe and efficient form of transportation. We’re changing the status quo of the industry by introducing connected systems that allow for our users to monitor their locomotives at any time from any place. For instance, technologies like our real-time fuel data alerts allow for customers to decrease fuel costs and reduce harmful emissions. Clearly, rail is essential to the world. And Wi-Tronix is essential to rail.


Originally posted by Larry Jordan on LinkedIn – 7/16/2020