Data Sharing vs. Data Privacy

We’ve seen our priorities change as technology has developed. Increasingly, we’ve accepted that we must trade privacy for efficiency. This can be best exemplified by our attitudes toward data sharing.


Data sharing is an integral part of countless businesses. In many ways, data sharing is mutually beneficial for the company and the customer. At Wi-Tronix, LLC, we harness big data to find the most efficient solutions for our users. This information provides context so that we can ensure that our customers are driving safety, efficiency, and reliability in the most effective way possible.


However, in general people or companies must relinquish some level of privacy in order to achieve these optimal results. For most, this is a sacrifice worth making. Every day that people search something on Google, purchase something online, or connect to a Wi-Fi network they’re sharing data that companies will use to effectively target them.


What do you think, are these benefits worth a slight degrading of our privacy?


Originally posted by Larry Jordan on LinkedIn – 9/14/2020