Data Retention for Transport Canada’s LVVR Regulation & Info Series



In the new Transport Canada Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder (LVVR) regulation, section 32 focuses on the specific requirements for data retention of locomotive video and voice recordings. The regulation requires a railroad to develop, implement, and make available to all employees a written policy that includes three specific points:


  1. A description of the purpose for which the company intends to record, collect, or preserve the voice and video data,
  2. The procedures the railroad will go about for collecting, communicating, accessing, and using any data,
  3. The procedures for record keeping.


Most importantly, this regulation requires that the railroad keep active data for anywhere from 30 days to six years, and deletion records for up to an additional six years. This means records of data must be accessible for as far out as 12 years post-data date! This is a lot of data to keep in your back office, and some questions you might ask yourself are:


  • How do I know when to delete items?
  • What data can be deleted after 30 days versus two years?
  • What data must be kept for six years?
  • What must be kept when deleting the files?



Wi-Tronix has built-in workflows to assist with your data retention needs. This is nothing new to us, as our secure processes have been in place with long-standing customers for over 16 years. All processes are based on unique customer requirements. Our workflow has a system in place to properly label all data to ensure the correct data is being retained or deleted for the right reasons.


Safety and security pertaining to data collection and privacy is a top priority at Wi-Tronix and we’ve taken advanced measures to ensure protecting our customers’ data including retaining a long-standing record of being SOC 2 Type II compliant.


While data retention is a critical component of the LVVR regulation, it’s also a safety measure for your own railroad. And when it comes to safety, isn’t it wise to partner with the best? Your railroad can rest assured knowing your data is in secure hands with Wi-Tronix.


For more information on data retention or if you have any questions on how Wi-Tronix is here to assist your railroad with the upcoming regulation, contact