Customer Insights with Jaguar Transport from Railway Interchange Conference 2023

At the 2023 Railway Interchange Conference and Expo, Chad Jasmin, Wi-Tronix VP of Sales and Customer Experience, and Matthew Despos, Jaguar Transport Senior VP of Operations, presented “Innovative Technologies in Rail,” illuminating the collaboration between both companies in revolutionizing the rail industry.


Chad set the stage by providing a comprehensive overview of Wi-Tronix’s journey and the services provided to short line customers. Wi-Tronix serves over 25 short line customers with a fleet exceeding 1,000 locomotives. Emphasizing the scale of impact, Chad revealed an average of 9,700 monthly digital video recorder (DVR) downloads, showcasing the widespread adoption of Wi-Tronix’s solutions.


Wi-Tronix’s innovation lies in the Violet Edge hardware devices, enabling reliable data access for quick decision-making. Chad discussed the Violet system’s self-monitoring features, including the event recorder, DVR, and Crash Hardened Memory Module. The integration of edge artificial intelligence and machine learning processors, coupled with IR and VR capabilities, creates an innovative system that allows users to enhance operational safety in real-time.


Chad emphasized the importance of grant funding, particularly programs like the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) program, in modernizing rail fleets. Wi-Tronix’s platform, supporting safety and operations, enhances the benefit-cost ratio, increasing the likelihood of securing funding for projects that improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of rail operations.


Finally, Chad highlighted how Wi-Tronix’s Electronic Data Acquisition Processor (EDAP) provides real-time access to vital locomotive data, facilitating maintenance and safety solutions. By remotely accessing control outputs, EDAP contributes to improving operational efficiency and overall safety in rail operations.


Jaguar Transport’s Matthew Despos elaborated on Jaguar Transport’s use cases and the integration of connected systems like Wi-Tronix. Real-time tracking of locomotives, efficient monitoring of fuel consumption, and crew handling were highlighted as key benefits derived from creating a digital twin of a physical locomotive. Automated geofence email alerts based on Wi-Tronix alerts proved crucial for customer planning, demonstrating the real-world impact of these innovations.


Chad showcased not only Wi-Tronix’s journey of excellence but also the tangible benefits of their innovative technologies in collaboration with Jaguar Transport. From regulatory compliance to grant funding, emissions monitoring, and real-time tracking, Wi-Tronix hopes to showcase its pivotal role in shaping the future of rail transportation.


The duo closed by discussing Wi-Tronix’s role in supporting railroads in adhering to regulations, specifically the In-Use Locomotive regulation under CARB. With a decade-long experience in emissions monitoring, Wi-Tronix aids railroads in staying compliant and even supports grant applications for deploying innovative approaches.