Always In Motion

There are many moving parts of a locomotive.


At any given time, various components must be monitored with a close eye. However, despite the different purposes that they serve, each of these parts plays a role in a larger machine. A comprehensive view, a systems engineering view, of how a locomotive operates is necessary in order to drive actions that impact business outcomes, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


This comprehensive view can be achieved through the connected technology that we provide at Wi-Tronix, LLC. By collecting detailed data in real-time, our technology allows for Wi-Tronix users to achieve a high level of second-by-second situational awareness so that issues can be solved before they occur, and teams can respond with the right resources when there is an emergency. Access to this high level of information is essential for solving rail’s complex challenges.


Please contact us to learn more about how we partner with railroads in a joint effort to improve rail safety and efficiency.


Originally posted by Larry Jordan on LinkedIn – 10/27/2020