AI-Powered Rail Crossing and Trespasser Monitoring: VP of Product Management Lisa Matta Presents at 2023 APTA TRANSform

Lisa Matta, Wi-Tronix’s VP of Product Management, presented at the 2023 American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) TRANSform Expo on the innovative solutions surrounding rail crossing and trespasser monitoring using artificial intelligence (AI). As fatalities at grade crossings and trespasser incidents continue to rise, Lisa discussed the potential of leveraging today’s technologies to enhance safety and address the limitations of existing solutions.


Lisa opened the presentation by pointing out the alarming increase in fatalities at grade crossings and trespasser incidents over the last five years. Despite efforts, successful development and deployment of trespassing solutions have remained stagnant, with limited success stories for sustainability. The need for innovative approaches to reduce incidents and improve safety is evident.


Lisa posed a fundamental question: How can today’s technologies be harnessed to reduce grade crossing and right-of-way trespasser incidents? Wi-Tronix, committed to advancing rail safety, aims to identify new technologies and methodologies to address this critical issue. The goal is not only to enhance safety but also to modernize outdated processes.


Lisa highlighted a critical statistic – 99.99% of captured locomotive camera imagery typically goes unused. Wi-Tronix changes this by utilizing onboard cameras with AI to identify and mitigate grade crossing and trespasser problems. The focus is on utilizing front-facing imagery and AI-powered crossing verification to detect gate arm status, misalignment, warning system activation verification, and more.


Wi-Tronix’s rail crossing assist takes an innovative, AI-based approach to remote monitoring of crossings. By leveraging AI, the system provides a lower lifecycle cost approach, fostering continuous innovation to address current and future challenges. Enhanced safety and a 30% faster response to gate arm malfunction reports are some of the crucial benefits of the Wi-Tronix crossing verification system. Importantly, this approach eliminates the need for sensors at crossings, reducing operational costs and improving overall efficiency.


Lisa Matta’s presentation at the APTA TRANSform Expo showcased Wi-Tronix’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of rail safety. By integrating AI into rail crossing and trespasser monitoring, Wi-Tronix envisions a future where technology not only improves safety but also transforms outdated processes. The rail crossing assist, with its AI-driven approach, showcases future innovation, promising enhanced safety, faster response times, and reduced operational costs.