Go Violet Green Initiative: How Wi-Tronix is a Helping Hand in Ferromex’s LNG Initiative

Grupo Mexico Transportes – FERROMEX, a Class I customer of Wi-Tronix, has recently launched their Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) initiative. LNG is “a natural gas that has been cooled to liquid state, at about -260° Fahrenheit, for shipping and storage” (“LNG Basics”).* Many large Railroads are exploring the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to fuel line-haul locomotives instead of diesel to take part in the Go Green initiative to reduce their carbon footprint.


Why is Liquefied Natural Gas good for the environment?

  1. Reduces Carbon Dioxide emissions by up to 25%
  2. Reduces Sulfur Oxide emissions by up to 40%
  3. Non-flammable in liquid form


Ferromex’s use of LNG supports the Go Green initiative, which helps the environment by making the switch to cleaner energy.


Wi-Tronix is playing a crucial role in providing metric visibility for future alternative energy use. In Ferromex’s fleets, Wi-Tronix monitors the fuel flow between the Locomotive and Tender, simplifying the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) consumption process. After 5+ years of field performance and monitoring, Wi-Tronix is the only alternative energy solution that can pair with Ferromex to improve locomotive efficiency and help them achieve their corporate sustainability objectives.



Did You Know…?

The leaf symbol on the updated consists of the FERROMEX fleet means the locomotive has high horsepower and uses Liquefied Natural Gas for fuel.


Source: https://www.energy.gov/fe/science-innovation/oil-gas/liquefied-natural-gas