Modernize your fleet through federal grant funding

Pairing technology with physical infrastructure improvements will improve safety and operations and increase likelihood of grant funding


Why apply?

The Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) Program funds projects that improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of intercity passenger and freight rail. With over $1.33B of funding available, now is the time to capitalize! Modernize your fleet with a platform that supports safety and operations. Pairing a technical modernization like Wi-Tronix with physical infrastructure improvements will improve your Benefit Cost Ratio, increasing likelihood of funding. A digital IoT platform such as Violet Edge checks the safety and operational boxes grant funders want, as it delivers immediate and long-term value for the railroad, as well as value for the community and tax payers.

Let Wi-Tronix help: The “need to knows” when applying for your infrastructure + technology grant

What makes an application stand out among the rest?

Ensure your grant project makes your railroad: Safer, more efficient, and more reliable

Your project shouldn’t benefit just your railroad!

It should also benefit: The federal government/federal supply chain, local community, economy, and overall reliability

Incorporate infrastructure + technology

By combining components when applying for grants, not only may benefits be delivered, but they can also be documented, managed, and measured for the benefit of decision-makers

Encouraging innovative approaches to rail

Learn more as Adam Nordstrom, Principal at Viking Navigation, and Wi-Tronix VP of Sales and Customer Experience Chad Jasmin discuss federal grant funding. The two touch on topics including technology and innovation in the rail industry, previously FRA-funded safety technology applications, and the benefits of modernizing your fleet.

Compliment a railroad safety action plan


Why focus on digital modernization?

Chad Jasmin and the Wi-Tronix team sit down with OmniTRAX’s VP of Operations and Special Projects, Scott Remington, to talk about the benefits of a modernized fleet. Listen in for more information about what drove OmniTRAX to consider investing in a digital platform, benefits of having a digital solution in the industry, and how day-to-day operations improved after implementing Wi-Tronix.