FAST Act: The countdown to compliance is closer than it seems

Is your rail agency ready to adhere to FRA’s Locomotive Image and Audio Recording Devices for Passenger Trains regulation? With a final rule now being reached, it’s time to begin the journey to compliance. Let Wi-Tronix assist your rail agency.

The only all-in-one onboard solution ready to comply with CFR § 229.136 – Locomotive Image and Audio Recording Devices for Passenger Trains


At-a-glance: how Wi-Tronix complies

What does the FAST Act/Locomotive Image and Audio Recording Devices for Passenger Trains regulation entail?

A history of regulatory compliance

Your rail agency can trust Wi-Tronix to be a strong partner when it comes to complying to complex regulations – just ask our Canadian customers how we assisted with and became the preferred supplier for the Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder regulation of 2022.

§ 229.136(d): Secure chain of custody and user activity reports

With the Wi-Tronix cloud-based solution, securely track who is viewing data and when. Strict rules and user roles can be set based on your rail agency’s preferences. Know that only the right people have the right access.

§ 229.136(b)(2)(ii-v), § 229.136(c)(1)(i-iv): Camera requirements

Don’t spend time worrying about a compliant camera manufacturer; Wi-Tronix utilizes the latest technology, including 360-degree in-cab cameras. Camera data syncs seamlessly to the web-based portal for authorized users to view along other relevant vehicle data.

§ 229.136(f)(1): Safeguarding your data

Locomotive and image data is sensitive; know that Wi-Tronix is utilizing the strongest security measures for our customers. From dedicated VPN tunnels to private wireless gateways, data is encrypted and never publicly accessible.

Don’t be left behind – know the critical timeline


From request to proposal to installation, your rail agency can be looking at over a year and a half to have a new compliant onboard system (depending on your fleet size). Why wait? Don’t be caught paying rush fees due to supply chain shortages or increasing installation hours to meet the deadline. October 12, 2027 will be here in the blink of an eye.