Experience Transformative Rail Technology on the Newly Designed Wi-Tronix, LLC Public Website

BOLINGBROOK, IL, August 15, 2022 – Wi-Tronix, LLC, is ecstatic to announce the official launch of our new public website, Wi-Tronix.com. With several business objectives in mind, along with modernizing the overall appearance of the website to properly reflect our brand, the website features an entire new site architecture, content, and media specifically featuring our own products, customers, and people. 


While the entire site went through a structural and design overhaul, there are a few noteworthy new elements, including differentiating our Learn and News & Events pages. The Learn page emphasizes thought leadership, blog-type submissions directly from company leaders, including CEO and President Larry Jordan. This new learning center will create both a direct line of communication for our company leaders to speak with customers and web visitors, as well as serve as a way for our team to educate our customers on a plethora of topics, ranging from how to comply with upcoming regulations to preparing your locomotive for the upcoming cold weather season and more.  


The Wi-Tronix team also implemented new functions throughout the site, including a search function, which scans through the entire website when a keyword or phrase is submitted. If a visitor were to search “ISO” in search for our company’s ISO certification PDF, it now appears within seconds. 


The Products and Solutions page remained in the site architecture but went through a complete redesign in terms of customer breakdown. Previously, the products and solutions were explained through customer personas or careers. By doing this, the preceding webpage had six specific breakdowns, yet still had the potential to miss a customer. The new website features two simplified options for our customers: freight or passenger.  


A new page has been added to the Wi-Tronix website architecture: How It Works. This page is greatly beneficial for website visitors who may not be familiar with Wi-Tronix and our solutions, for example – a community member in the Chicagoland area or even somebody who is interested in applying for employment at Wi-Tronix but wants to learn a bit more about what we do. The How It Works page provides a high-level overview of who we are, what our platform has the potential of doing for our customers, and even who our customers are. 


“It’s thrilling to see this website come to fruition after eight months of interdepartmental work,” said Chad Jasmin, Wi-Tronix Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience. “This new website will provide our current and future customers, employees, and community members with a better understanding of who Wi-Tronix is, what we do, and why our best-in-class platform of advanced technologies empowers our customers with best-in-class multi-sensory analyses. At the end of the day, Wi-Tronix has a mission of improving the operational efficiency, safety, service reliability, and sustainability of the world’s transportation systems, and to say our new website better communicates this is an understatement.”  


Be sure to check out the new website at www2.Wi-Tronix.com.  


About Wi-Tronix, LLC 


Wi-Tronix®, LLC delivers advanced IoT platforms for the rail industry and provide actionable information and insights on how networks are performing in real time. By enabling continuous improvement with a powerful combination of connectivity, analytics, alerts and more, we are enabling freight, passenger railroads, and transit systems with the tools that help enhance safety, operational efficiency, and service reliability. The Wi-Tronix team is passionately committed to its global vision of saving lives and ensuring the most efficient and reliable movement of goods and people throughout the world. Find out more about Wi-Tronix at
www.wi-tronix.com or contact us at sales@wi-tronix.com.