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Wi-Tronix Violet Edge 800 Advanced IoT Platform

Wi-Tronix Connected Crashworthy Data Package

Wi-Tronix Connected Diagnostic System (CDS)

Wi-Tronix Violet Vision CCTV Solution

Bring Your Aging Fleet
Back To Life

Improve fleet availability by replacing an obsolete Monitoring Diagnostic System (MDS) with the Wi-Tronix Connected Diagnostic System (CDS). Introducing the next generation of technology will simplify maintenance and reduce transit delays.

A Unified View No Matter
Where You Are

Integrated into your new or existing fleet, the Connected Diagnostic System (CDS) allows remote access for operations personnel to monitor, support, and assist with all over-the-road issues. Your Operations Control Center and Maintenance Facility will have real-time access to vehicle information exactly as it is displayed to the driver.

Remote Visibility

View the operator display exactly as the operator sees it in real-time.

Real-time "Live" Vehicle Data Analytics

Access real-time fault codes prior to the vehicle arriving for maintenance.

Downloads On-Demand

Access your Event Recorder and our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) recording information from any Wi-Fi or LTE-connected device within minutes.

Synchronized Information

Automate time synchronization of Event Recorder, CCTV, and GPS to confirm filed of view and timing of video on LRV and locomotive.

Remote Access

Navigate to screens independently from the operator to enable accurate remote guidance, troubleshooting and repair. Optimize communications with the operator and rapidly resolve maintenance issues.

Permission Driven Security

Provide secure access to your Event Recorder and CCTV recording directly from our cloud application without transferring a single file.

Data Security

SOC 2 Type 2 hosting environment allows you to retain compliant infrastructure that includes configurable user access levels and secure file sharing with your operations or third parties.

How the Connected Diagnostic System Works

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See What Our Customers Have to Say

“I’m very impressed by the amount of value we can unlock by deploying the Wi-Tronix Violet Edge IoT platform across our entire LRV fleet. The access to real-time alerts and reporting is truly enhancing our operation’s safety, reliability, and efficiency.”

– Transit Agency Manager of LRV Overhaul and Special Projects

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