Event Recorder and DVR Data on Demand

Mobile workers, people working from home, and limited person-to-person contact create daunting productivity and communication challenges - even for the rail industry. So how do you connect to a moving locomotive to know its condition, location and how the crew is performing?​

Setting aside security, safety, efficiency or reliability are not options for the rail industry – freight rail, passenger rail or mass transit vehicles.

Manage risks remotely. Access to comprehensive time-synchronized data, coupled with sophisticated edge computing, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based SaaS solutions, assures prompt, effective action on critical issues.​

Remote access on your fleet’s data, 24/7/365 from any device, at any time, from anywhere, with synchronized Event Recorder and DVR data.

“America’s railroads are a critical component of our national infrastructure, moving the people, raw materials and finished goods that make modern life possible.”
- Association of American Railroads

Cohesive Cloud-based View

Interconnecting people and information from various locomotive on-board devices, during an unprecedented interruption to life, enables the reliable, safe and efficient delivery of goods that move the economy forward – from food and fuel and everything in between.

Visual intelligence and live location updates empower you to take real-time action from any location, providing safer locomotive management.

Connect visually as if you were there, anytime, anywhere with a single, cloud-based IoT enabled railway platform solution that is customizable, scalable and optimized to exceed your needs today and tomorrow.

“Most products sold at retail providers such as Target or Walmart get there with the help of rail intermodal.”
- Association of American Railroads

Data At Your Fingertips – 24/7/365

Access to accurate and reliable data turned into actionable intelligence is essential when a team is working toward the goal to keep critical goods moving, 24/7/365, remotely being able to make quick decisions, investigate an incident remotely, monitoring an entire fleet in a single, trustworthy view, makes all the difference in taking prompt and effective action on issues and assuring safe performance.

Connect with us to understand how a myriad of data that is compiled into a single access point where conversations evolve into prompt effective actions that can deliver on business value.

“Our diverse and skilled employees are dedicated to ensuring railroads remain a critical link to American businesses and society.”
- Association of American Railroads