Case Study: EOT Communication Loss



Communication loss occurs hundreds of times per day across the US rail network.  Most occurrences are reported to dispatch but not communicated to local management.  As a result, the root cause for these events remains unknown, creating an opportunity for a repeat event.


Evaluation of the case


The class I railroad customer was experiencing below normal average train speeds across their network.  The reduced speed was a result of trains periodically operating at below posted speeds throughout their trip.  The railroad realized there was an issue but was certain on how to identify and address the root cause.  After further review and collaboration with Wi-Tronix, the root cause for delayed speeds was a result of multiple communication failures with the trains EOT.




Once an EOT communication failure was identified as the root cause, Wi-Tronix equipped the Class I’s locomotive fleet with Violet Edge technology. With more than 2,000 customizable alerts available, Wi-Tronix established an automated alerting and notification process for every ETD communication failure event.  After deploying the ETD communicating loss notifications the Class I partners fleet, they were able to review data in an easily viewable heat map image to identify and address problem areas.  Since inception, this customer has reduced ETD communication loss events by 20%.




The ETD communication loss notifications not only address real time issues but can be used as a proactive tool to predict and prepare for future events.  Having access to this important data, helps the railroad improve train velocity, reduce delays and most importantly, reduce the risk for safety events.