Case Study: Asset Utilization and Fuel Savings



Wi-Tronix helped a class I railroad improve locomotive efficiency by 25%, by utilizing remote monitoring technologies.  Before adopting Wi-Tronix, the class I did not have the technology in place to easily monitor utilization and fuel consumption.


Evaluation of the case


The class I railroad customer was looking for opportunities to improve the efficiency of their locomotives, ultimately resulting in an overall reduction in fuel consumption.  However, the customer at the time did not have the proper technology and resources to monitor, measure, and implement a process.




Wi-Tronix partnered with this class I railroad, equipping their fleet of 400 locomotives with the Violet Edge technology.  Upon equipping these locomotives, Wi-Tronix with the support from their dedicated customer success team, was able to identify significant excess idle times on their fleet as well as subpar asset utilization.




The product recommended was a custom development of a user portal that connected all resources under a single login. After implementing this solution, the class I railroad found that the Wi-Tronix solution encouraged more dialogue and communication amongst the teams in the field. This allowed the class I railroad to improve the way they operate their business, ultimately resulting in nearly $1m per month in fuel savings.