Enhance your railroad's safety, security, and visibility with Wi-Tronix

Wi-Tronix's industry-leading IoT platform provides customizable insights and alerts to fit your railroad's specific needs



Collect, consolidate, and stream rail vehicle data in real time

Edge computing unlocks hidden insights. As our connected video and event recorder captures data, our IoT software processes it in a secure hybrid cloud. Information is always available, equipping authorized users with context to understand past incidents and anticipate the future.

The AI-powered Violet Edge platform provides total visibility into your rail network

Discover how Wi-Tronix’s cutting-edge AI solutions are bringing innovation to the rail industry. From highway-grade crossing validation to trespasser hotspot detection and safety-critical voice radio enhancements, real-world AI applications are paving the way for unprecedented safety improvements, making the rail industry safer and more efficient.

Solutions for fleet-wide efficiency and reliability