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Edge Hardware

Connected Event Recorder
Real-time streaming of Event Recorder data is efficiently synced to the cloud, eliminating downloads.

Edge Processing

Software as a Service
Ongoing remote delivery of new features and enhancements.


Intelligent and secure communications provide dynamic coverage to stay connected to your assets.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services
Secure cloud storage is combined with data fusion and analytics, and scaled to fit your needs.

Solutions & Value

User Solutions
Insightful solutions enable improved safety, reliability and performance.

We Keep You on the Cutting Edge of IoT

Our comprehensive platform offers a holistic solution that helps you maximize the value of your assets while dramatically improving management, operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety. You gain data-driven insights and prescriptive recommendations to make informed decisions and take rapid action.

Edge Technology

Easily Collect and Access Your Data

Our distinctly rugged, modular hardware connects automatically to locomotives and sensors- regardless of age or manufacturer, in one central place. Our Edge Devices provide reliable, cost-effective access to data, enabling better decision making, cost management, safety, and operational efficiency.

Compliance & Certification

EN Certified, FRA Compliant for PTC & EATC

Crash Hardened Memory

Rugged, built to last, and put to the test

Power Hold up

We protect data up to the moment of power loss and beyond

Video Capabilities

Advanced video acquisition and Visual Intelligence

Event Recorder

Guaranteed delivery and storage of your telemetry data and video streaming

Big Data Collection & Integration

Fleet-agnostic data collection, third-party integration, and advanced analytics

Advanced Software & Edge Processing

The Latest in IoT Keeps You Connected At All Times

Our advanced software solutions process on the edge to provide business insights and analytics in real time. Never wait for all of your data to be funneled through another bottleneck.
Our dynamic data processing integrates asset, train, configuration, GIS and other specified data sources, to improve planning and operational safety.

Collect, Integrate, and Analyze Data from Hundreds of Sensors

Processor Options

Our advanced edge devices support the level of processing power you need.

Data Availability

With constant connectivity and advanced analytics, we keep your Big Data consumable at all times.

Real-Time Event

Whether processing on the edge or in the cloud, we provide real-time connectivity and rules-based alerts assuring you can monitor and manage any time, anywhere.

Remote Software &
Service Updates

Reduce costs and downtime while increasing productivity. You never need to touch your asset or interrupt operations for software and service updates.

Connectivity & Connections

Continuous Coverage

Our secure, ultra-efficient wireless transmission utilizes responsive tower routing and wireless switching for seamless and reliable communications. Intelligent communications switching ensures that you always have the best coverage and connectivity to stay connected to your assets and data. Customized to the needs of your business, data can be streamed continuously for real-time monitoring, triggered by events so that you can respond immediately, or sent periodically so that you can act before an issue arises.

Wi Fi

Wi-Fi ensures connectivity at all times.


4G LTE coverage keeps you connected to multiple carriers and modems.


Stay connected even in remote locations.

Cloud Services & Storage

Remote Data Access and Secure Storage

Our SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and scalable cloud storage and software services gives you remote and instant access to your locomotive and train data. We transfer asset data continuously to the cloud, which includes information recorded by our edge hardware and third-party equipment that works with Wi-Tronix. Using sophisticated techniques and video intelligence, we analyze your data to provide valuable insights that maximizes the utilization of your locomotives and helps drive better business decisions.

Cloud Storage

Continuous data off loading for live access and historical review.

Software Services

User-friendly applications to view, analyze, and manage your data.

Data Integration

One destination to get all of your locomotive and train data.

Works With

Allows seamless and worry free integration of various devices and sensors for a complete view of onboard systems. Integration with Third – Party Apps & Resources

Seamlessly integrate your systems and asset data with real-time updates from important third-party sources–ranging from weather services, signals, track and wayside repair notices, work zone updates, and other external alerts. Manage your fleet better with constant connections to real-time updates that affect your operations, safety, efficiency, and reliability. Third-party integration ensures that you can keep ahead of delays and avoid potential issues or incidents.

Weather Data

Integrate your own systems with weather services to remain ahead of changing weather conditions.

Third-Party Alerts & Updates

Seamlessly integrate with third-party service providers to remain in-the-know about alerts that affect your fleet.

Work Zone Notices

Connecting with thirdparty wayside updates enable you to make the best plans in the face of change.

User-Driven Value

Easy, User-Friendly Access to All Your Data

From fleet configuration management and setting custom parametric alerts, to our streamlined and easy-to-use User Experience solutions, we’ve got you covered with the right support to dramatically improve costs, safety, and operations. Get secure and timely access to your Big Data.

Easily access data visualization, business intelligence, and predictive analytics to keep better track of your operations and make proactive asset planning decisions. Whether responding to an incident, monitoring in real time, or applying predictive diagnostics to prevent future issues, we ensure that the right information is at your fingertips in a user-friendly, comprehensive format.

Use Your Data to Make a Plan

Visual Intelligence

Translate video data into immediate action

Equipment Health & Predictive Diagnostics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities provide early indication of faults and failures.

Advanced Analytic Capabilities

Our advanced analytic capabilities turn your data into meaningful reports and alerts that enable decision making.

Real-Time Event Monitoring

No need to wait until events are reported- see what happens on your assets as if you were actually there.

SOC2 Type 2 Compliance

Almost daily, firms both large and small announce security breaches. Customers are understandably looking for objective reassurance that their partners are securing their data in a meaningful way. Because security is of the utmost importance, Wi-Tronix is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

We obtained independent, third-party attestation that your data is maintained to the highest quality standards available in the industry today. Wi-Tronix takes protecting your information seriously, which is why our onboard and back office systems have gone through rigorous penetration tests to ensure your data is protected.

A SOC 2 report identifies the controls that Wi-Tronix follows to make sure we successfully deliver on the five Trust Service Principles:

1. Security – Information and systems are protected against unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure of information, and damage to systems that could compromise the availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of information or systems that affect the ability to meet its objectives.
2. Availability – Information and systems are available for operation and use to meet objectives.
3. Processing Integrity – System processing is complete, valid, accurate, timely, and authorized.
4. Confidentiality – Information designated as confidential is protected.
5. Privacy – Wi-Tronix safeguards any personal information that it obtains in the course of business.