Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder Regulation

Transport Canada announced the publication of the Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder (LVVR) Regulations (SOR/2020-178)  September 2, 2020.
“The benefits of voice and video recorders are well known: these recordings can provide accident investigators with insight into crew communications and actions that can help improve rail safety by reducing the risk of future accidents.”

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These Regulations apply to a company that meets at least one of the criteria noted in the regulation.

 [ LVVR Regulations: SOR/2020-178 – Read More Information ]

Our Solution

Our managed solution provides easy and secure remote access to onboard video and voice recording.

We pull from multiple onboard data sources, and bring it into one simple, actionable view – driving quicker, more precise outcomes. Wi-Tronix Edge and Cloud solutions combine to provide a complete view of your operation.

Remove unnecessary complexity of the LVVR requirement that impedes current safety best practices around threat detection and train handling events. Wi-Tronix maintains those established best practices through its privacy and security controls that exist today.


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Information Security

A continuous chain of custody for the storage and handling of LVVR data requires technological safeguards and international accreditation for any virtual cloud storage provider.
From edge to office, our onboard and back office systems go through rigorous testing to assure data remains true to its original version, while information and systems are protected against unauthorized access.
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IoT for Rail Solutions

Wi-Tronix IoT for Rail solutions provide a complete view of your operation including comprehensive replay and review of events for safety and risk analysis.
Our connected rail ecosystem incorporates a combination of edge and cloud computing technologies to support incident reporting, fuel savings, operational efficiency, safety alerts, and reports.
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