We Use Emerging Technology To Protect The First And Last Mile

Rail solutions are in our DNA. Every day, our products and services save lives and ensure efficient and reliable transportation of people and goods around the globe. We are so proud to be recognized as rail industry experts. It’s all we’ve done for 15 years, and we will continue to push forward with intelligent solutions that make a difference.

We Put Quality To The Test Before We Put Anything On A Locomotive

Welcome to The Lab, where our focus is on constantly innovating and advancing technology to solve our customers challenges and deliver better solutions. This is where we put our latest ideas through rounds of rigorous testing. We are continuously integrating solutions, updating code and improving our products–because we know that lives depend on us.

Innovation Drives Us

We are proud to be evolving smart technology and pushing it to the next level with intelligent solutions that solve critical issues faced by the rail industry today. We pride ourselves on challenging one another to find a better way to disrupt, design, and improve. We know this is how innovation continues to evolve and solve problems for the future.

We Put People First

Our teams are our greatest assets. We are a diverse group of big thinkers from around the globe, encouraging team members to look for new ways to solve the critical issues faced by rail today. We are able to respond quickly to market changes because we emphasize flexibility and agility when building new solutions, upgrading existing ones, and growing in partnership with our customers. Through continued training opportunities and high-level internal accessibility, we empower our team members to grow their careers and positively affect the rail industry through meaningful contributions.

We Stay Curious To Drive Innovation

Here we think differently. We are inventors, innovators and problem solvers with a passion for the rail industry. The technology we offer to help power and protect the industry is inspired by our relentless devotion to rail and our determination to design solutions that have a real impact. Whether we’re dramatically improving safety, or improving operations capabilities to skyrocket the rail industry’s returns, we are always striving to keep the rail industry growing strong.