Don't just meet PTC requirements.
Exceed them.

Violet, the industry's first smart multi-purpose onboard solution, turns your locomotive data into information that you can use. This device supports your PTC requirements and brings business value to your PTC investment like no other solution. 

The solution is both hardware and software. 

Violet Onboard Platform (hardware) is an all-in-one solution including:

  • Locomotive Data Acquisition Recording System (LDARS) - meets AAR S-9101B.V1.0 standards
  • Positive Train Control (PTC) Event Recorder
  • Event Recorder - certified to 49 CFR Part 229.135
  • PTC-compatible crash-hardened memory module (CHM) -certified to 49 CFR Appendix D to Part 229 and IEEE 1482.1-2013
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Business-critical data remote monitoring device
  • Fuel monitoring device

Violet software is hosted on Wi-Tronix back office website, which gives the user secure, cloud-based access to real-time, streaming event recorder data. Users with proper credentials can set up and receive customized emails for train handling alerts and exceptions and "share" events with colleagues without sending a traditional file or download.

Violet Software

 Violet View

Software platform that fuses onboard data without files, downloads, or viewer software


Violet Live

Real-time streaming data delivery for up-to-the-second connectivity to your asset


Violet VR

Virtual reality 360° camera views that can place you in the cab or on the wayside from anywhere


Visual Intelligence

Sophisticated video analytics that transform video data into actionable information


  • Streaming event recorder data –  With Violet, your locomotive information populates on your computer or mobile device in real time. Eliminate the need to go to locomotive to download data. By having streaming event recorder data without retrieving a download, you avoid on-site hazards and save time and money.
  • Your data when you need it most -- Violet software displays PTC data, train location, thumbnail snapshots, speed, and event recorder information in streaming, second-by-second format.
  • Data security -- Onboard system data is secured up to the moment of power loss. This assists in accident situations where event recorder may be inaccessible (fire, water, etc.).
  • Single agnostic software that displays data from Violet and other inputs, regardless of the other devices' model or age. Streamline your data review process by compiling information in one place for ease of use. It's your data, so you should be able to access it and utilize it.
  • No files, no downloads, no headaches -- Your information is secure in the Violet cloud-based software. Information can be shared through the Violet software without traditional files or downloads. This mitigates the risk of your sensitive DVR images and videos ending up in the wrong hands. Overall, your locomotive data security more secure than ever before.
  • Backwards compatibility for easy installation -- Installation utlizes existing materials to ease installation and reduce cost.
  • Sustainable technology for future expandability – over-the-air software updates mean you keep your locomotive in service and don’t impact your velocity. There is no need to shop locomotives to implement new software.

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